Money money money

Last night was pretty sweet, drunk quite a lot and ended up singing to almost everyone again. Some dudes came into the hostel and stole some stuff. This morning my bananas and Aussie debit card have gone, which is fucking bollocks: basically I’ve had to cancel my card and order another one that should come tuesday. Until then I have $90 to live on : /
So pretty shit day so far tbh, should get better when we go out tonight though 🙂

There’s quite a few things I’ve left out of my past blogs. I forgot to mention the fact that I got stung by a bluebottle jellyfish-didn’t hurt too much, kinda felt like a stinging nettle only it lasted for three hours and it throbbed 😛

Went to the Blue Mountains yesterday which was spectacular 😀
The walk and the views were incredible and we had the coolest guide Smokey telling us his horror stories about being bitten in the eye by a spider and stuff. He is definitely the poster boy for the stereotypical Aus…long wavy hair, browned skin and just an awesome interesting dude.

I’ve done alot since the last blog and I’ve actually forgotten most of what we’ve done so this blog’s going to be a bit rubbish, but I try…
I’m going to start writing little notes so that I don’t miss anything out.

So OzIntro’s over now 🙁
Met some absolute legends in the group, will deffinately keep in contact with every1. Still keeping together as much as we can; most of us are heading up the east coast together-ish. Love you OzIntro-ers.

Okay…what have we done?
We went to Spot-X surf camp Yeeewww! (surfer hand shake). Surfers’ll know what that means 😉
It was pretty good but we’re all a bit surfed out now, and the girls didn’t really enjoy a palm sized wolf spider crawling around their room either haha. They all ran out screaming and even dribbling because of this thing. So I went in their room and grabbed a bin and sheet of paper (usually use a cup but this thing’s massive: I’ll stick a pic on here for yall to see). The spider was too quick for me so I just scared it away. Turns out that “they’ll bite ya but they won’t kill ya”.

So now we’re in a beautiful place on the east coast called Byron Bay. Me and Mike hired some bikes and rode them to the most easterly part of mainland Australia to see the sunset. It was beautiful. Would have been better if the bikes were half decent though: Mine was 7 gears, but if you went to 1st the chain came off and hit 7 and the chain would scrape against the cog : / lol, sall part of the fun 🙂

Tomorrow we’re going to a place called Nimbin, renowned for it’s weed scene, a lot of eccentric characters and Bringabong shop-as apposed to Billabong 🙂 aha
Apparently the place to go for some gear is behind the Nimbin museum, which actually got it’s yearly raid two days ago 😛
There’s also regular offerings around town for “space cakes”….so it should be an interesting day 🙂 🙂

Sorry for being crap with these blogs, this rate I’ll be doing 1 a month :s
I’ve also probably missed a lot out but I’ll just stick those in the nest blog; gonna try and be more organised from now on.

Muchage lovage, Trav x

(From Smokey:OzExperience about people who don’t experience new things, try new things and who focus on work etc)-“That’s not living, that’s existing”.

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