Getting it together

Finally I have a job now, going to be a door to door salesman (raised brow).
None of the three jobs I’ve had in my life have related to the previous occupation. First I was a Kitchen Porter in a Pub, then a Sales Assistant in Millets, and now a Door to Door, hmmm. There’s the chance of making quite a lot of money though, so hopefully I won’t have to worry as much any more. If I can work in a hostel for free accomodation as well I’ll be set and ‘getting it together’-hence the lame ass title. Finding it a bit difficult to come up with titles these days 🙄

Goon. Nasty cheap wine that goes straight through you. Great stuff. It’s not actually called Goon; apparently Goon is the Aboriginal term for pillow and the wine is reffered to as this because of the fact that after consuming a bag, you can blow it up and use it as a make shift pillow 🙂
I got me some free Goon just the other day, and a tinny of Whisky and Coke. All I did was chat up a hostel worker a bit, originally to get free internet, but instead I got me some free alcomohooool. Even better 😉

After drinking my free Goon we hit the town. We weren’t aloud in the first club because we were too drunk. So, we headed back to a hostel called Arts Factory where I stayed the rest of the night and I can’t remember much that happened. What I can remember I will never forget and should be left burried (metaphorically speaking) deep under the ground never to be dug up again. No offense to anyone involved.

Nimbin! A small cooky town inland from the beautiful Byron Bay. Basically, everyone’s a bit weird and everybody either smokes weed, sells it or both. Some older women there were selling “space cakes”: three for $15. I can safely say I didn’t try one of the space cakes and it didn’t make my piss myself laughing on the coach journey back because Matt was pulling funny faces after NOT taking three of the things. Nuff said 😀

We went out again about two days ago and one club had a pole. A pole dancing competition was held for boys and girls. Girls went first and the girl that one was actually better than the chicks teaching the girls what to do. Turns out she’s a stripper for a living-go figure. Then the boys went and I thought I’d give it a go. On the crane (I think it was crane) I fell off the pole :/ which was embarassing. But then we did a body roll and I poned it. Flicked my hair and everything, but still lost to an American dude. He got $50 I think whereas the rest of us got a free rubber :/
We were hoping for free drinks but you can’t have everything.

I literally just finished my training for the door to door sales role just some minutes ago. It looks like it’s going to be great fun, and the guys and gals doing it with me seem cool. For the job we’ll be using iPads with a special SmartGroup (our company) app on it which should be cool…I’ll be able to play angry birds between properties 🙂

Had my first Skype call to the beautiful Emma (shorty) yesterday. It was lovely to see here face, and wicked new hair. Didn’t think I’d like the change, but I love it-it looks rad babe 😉
Tommie’s been a hell of a lot of places. I’ve decided I’m gonna give him his own email and facebook account for laughs. Will be cool to see how many friends he makes.

So I’ll be working in Surfers Paradise about a month before moving on to Brisbane with SmartGroup and working there too. Every weekend I’ll have something touristy booked. For example this weekend I’m thinking a wildlife sanctuary. The rest of the week I’ll just work solid and try to get as many sales as I can. I need to because we get taxed 20% and the money from comissions comes later.

Currently reading John Connoly’s “The Lovers”. It’s a really good read so far and the quote is from chapter six.

What acts do those who are left behind have to perform to honor the memory of the departed, and how far can they go before they betray that memory?

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