Going through changes

Jesus Christ, at first I thought it was okay-but nah, door to door sales is fucking shit! I just came away from my third day on the job. One man said “enough with the bullshit I’m not interested” and then his next door neighbour threatened to set her dog on me, before further encouragement came from the angry man again as he thrusted his head out the window shouting “if you don’t move yourself off our property I’ll get someone to move you!”. Please note: all I did was knock on these peoples’ doors…

Apart from that, there’s a lot else that’s changing. For starters, the OzIntro group that was together in Sydney boasting numbers of around 25ish has broken down to smaller individual groups all over Aus. The group I’m with on the Gold Coast, by tomorrow, will be three : /
Depressing times for the Trav-miester lol

Still, the good news is that Leanne (Dave), my sister from another mister, is coming up here from Byron Bay soon with Lizzie, Jan and Aime. I think that’s it but if there’s anybody else I’m sorry for not mentioning 🙂
They’re great fun so that will make work nights a bit more entertaining.
As for Sophie, Older Sophie, Stef, Ollie, Matt, non-OzIntro Matt and Hannah-it was great meeting you guys and I hope you enjoy the rest of your trip 😀
We should deffinately all meet up some other time, hopefully somewhere else in Aus 😉

The quote below sums up my situation at the moment. Granted, it’s not particularly inspiring, but it’s what I think most days right now.

Rob (from Smart Group after work has finished): “Hey guys, you know what the best thing about today is? It’s over!”

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