Things are looking up

Okay, when I say things are looking up, that’s not entirely accurate. A few days ago I had to move rooms in my hostel. I packed all my stuff and took it to reception to let the hostel workers clean. When they were cleaning they found my wash bag that I’d left in the bathroom. Inside this bag was a flannel. Inside the flannel were my retainers to keep my teeth straight. And now, inside a dump sight somewhere lies the wash bag in question.
Instead of keeping people’s property behind the desk, these people throw it in the bin. The bag had other stuff as well; there was a travel sink plug, toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant and nail clippers. It’s safe to say I was pretty pissed off that day, but I guess it is kind of my fault. At least that’s the conclusion I came to before hearing how much I’d have to pay for new retainers.
Wait for it…..considering it’s about £75 in England…….. $550!!!
Jesus titty fucking Christ!

It’s been a few days since the dentist apt, and my teeth have actually moved slightly so I’ll probably need braces or something when I get back home. But I can forgive the hostel and the cleaner, because my possessions are my responsibility at the end of the day. I pick up the new retainers tomorrow, so in that sense things are looking up…but that’s only if the retainers fit in.

My door to door job is getting slightly better also. The guys I’m working with are really cool and I’m getting better each day with the sales. I’m starting to find the job bearable. In fact, in a weird way, I’d go as far to say that a small part of me is starting to enjoy it. Nevertheless, I’m probably staying in surfers paradise another few days before heading up to BRISBANE!!! whoop whoop 😛

I almost forgot. As if my hostel couldn’t get any better, Lizzie and Leanne (Dave) have come up from Byron Bay and are staying here now too 😀
I really missed their company. Missing the company of everyone who was at surf n sun before as well.

They’re some proper cool foreign people at surf n sun. It’s definitely the most diverse hostel I’ve stayed at so far. They’re quite a few Germans, who I’m assuming didn’t enjoy Inglorious Bastards too much when it came on the TV two days ago :s awkward!
Still, they’re probably my favourite nationality, very easy to talk to 😀
Although, I’ve got to hand it to the Asians, they’re really lovely. These two Taiwanese guys sat opposite me eating tea the other night. We started chatting and it was obvious that they couldn’t understand much of what I was saying…they laughed when I said shit though 😆
They added me on facebook and after searching my photos they were very keen to tell me “you are very handsome. You could get many Taiwanese girls.”
Sorry Emma, but I am sooo going to Taiwan now to see if this is true, haha. Just kidding 😉
I am going to Taiwan though lol

Oh bollocks to it, things aren’t looking up but I can’t be bothered to change the title now so I’ll just say that I’ve titled this blog ironically. I say that because last night I was sleeping in Leanne and Lizzie’s room and I’d taken everything out of my pockets including my room key. It got to 3am and I couldn’t sleep so I got my shoes, went outside and closed the door. A split second passed, and I’d realised what I’d done. So then I went around the hostel trying all the doors and hoping that one was open, and behold, room 5 had a broken door (get in!). So yeah, I just slept on a free bed with some random people. Got woken up this morning by the cleaners who asked “urr dude, what are you doing in this room.” So I played the dumbass card and said “Oh I thought I was in my room, aha ha.” But when they asked again why I was in there I said “Look, I’m gonna level with you guys, I locked myself out my room then looked for an open door and your room door was broken so I slept in there. Okay? That alright?!” Anyway, they laughed and it was all cool.

Hopefully things are going to get better, but I’m starting to think this place is cursed or something. The hostel is a bit shit now too. Some of the receptionists, cleaners, etc are dick-heads. I’m quite looking forward to leaving.

Much love from Travie

Ciara (from smart group): Love all, serve all and create no sorrow.

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