I’m still here

A bit stuck in Surfers Paradise at the moment. Waiting to hear whether I can get a transfer to Brisbane with my current job, and also waiting to receive my commonwealth debit master-card after 3 weeks. Tomorrow I’m hopefully going to see the Natural Arch in Springbrook National Park which looks gorgeous. I found out about it after asking a lady in a shop “where’s this” and pointing to the beautiful image on the post-card šŸ™‚

I really need to move on as soon as possible. This place is home to a lot of crap things that have happened. I had to make a very difficult decision just yesterday. I broke up with Emma. I didn’t want to hurt her, but it was for the best I think because the relationship never would have worked.
Unfortunately Lizzie and Leanne have left now as well so I have nobody to talk to about it. Ah well! Life goes on though right. Hopefully I’ll be okay in a few days time. Apparently the sunrise on the beach here is really nice, so I might check that out early tomorrow morning to cheer myself up.

The door to door job is on hold for the moment. I need to see about this transfer. But on my last shift I was told that I’d be bought my favorite drink if I got 4 sales. They promised this beforehand, which was silly, because Fosters is surprisingly hard to find in Australia šŸ˜†
In the end I got five sales and got my 3 ‘tallies’. Very nice they were too, I missed Fosters.
Weird thing is, when my team leader (Tyler) went to buy the Fosters the shop keeper got funny because somebody already tried to buy Fosters earlier who had no ID. I’d like to point out at this moment that the person was not me. But anyway, the shop keeper asked if Tyler was buying the drink for somebody else. Of course Tyler said “yes it’s for my friend, he’s 19”. When asked for a physical description, Tyler said he’s tall with a British accent and has shaggy blonde hair and a bit of stubble. The shop keeper replied “yep, that’s the guy. Sorry I can’t let you buy this until I see him with his ID”. Shocked and confused, Tyler rung me asking if I’d visited earlier to buy some Fosters. Of course, I said I hadn’t, and Tyler confirmed I was a different guy, but still the shop keeper didn’t let him buy it. So later when I arrived with my ID, the shop keeper said “oh right okay. You’re the guy looking for the Fosters?” I confirmed that I was THE guy and he continued “yeah there was a British guy who looked just like you here earlier looking for Fosters too”. I said “what the same hair?”
“How weird”.
How mad is that? The chances of that happening have got to be pretty small. I guess people with my physical description must all like Fosters šŸ˜•

When we arrived here, we all bought a ‘3 park VIP pass’ which gets you unlimited access to Movie World, Wet and Wild and Seaworld. We’ve visited them all now and it was well worth the money. Movie World has the famous Superman Ride where you’re in a train station that’s been hit by an earthquake. But luckily Superman comes to the rescue and says “don’t worry folks. I’ll get you out of this. Fast. Superman fast”. Then you’re shot out of a shaft and go up and over a massive hill and then you’re thrown around loads more. Such a good ride, we went on it twice before the queue got too intense šŸ™‚
Also went on a ride called Bat Wing which shoots you vertically up at an incredible speed. It actually scared the shit out of me and I was shaking first two times I came off. It also made me make the embarrassing “urgh, urgh, uuurrrgh” noise that me and Leanne seem to have trouble with hehe šŸ˜€
Seaworld was amazing for the Polar Bear. He was swimming up against the window playing against his reflection. It was beautiful. We all said we could have watched him all day making bubbles with his giant paws.

Hoping things will get better once I make a new start in Brisbane. Thanks to everyone who’s still reading the blogs šŸ˜‰

Much love, Trav x

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