How do you like them apples?

Well a hell of a lot has happened in the past week, but I haven’t been able to blog anything because I’ve been broke. And I mean broke broke. For the past week I’ve been surviving off of apples, peppers, tomatoes, Nutella and bread. Not the best diet I’ve ever come across. My stomach has been feeling kind of weird lately as well…which is worrying. But this is all part of the experience I guess. 8)
Me Leanne and Lizzie arrived in Brisbane about a week and ½ ago, stayed for two nights, then moved on to Stanthorpe (3 hours inland from Brisbane). It was there that I realised I had no money left, which was lucky because if it had been anywhere else, I couldn’t have stolen apples off the farm I was working in order to survive. I quickly became an “apple dealer” in the hostel we were staying. A lot of that sort of thing goes in in fruit picking hostels. One day I traded 5 apples for three green peppers and two tomatoes
Pretty good deal I thought. Currently I’ve still got one pepper left, three zucchinis, and about fifteen apples. Should keep for a few more days till some money comes through.

The job was extremely monotonous, all we were doing was picking apples, placing them in a basket slung on our front, then emptying the basket when full, and starting again. The wages were $100 a day, until yesterday when everybody was put on contract; if I’d have stayed I would have been lucky to get $40 a day…fuck that!

Back in Brisbane now anyway, so glad to be away from that shit-hole. I’m awaiting a package from my lovely mother, it’s gonna have shower gel, my card which I lost (forgot about that) and a book
Thanks mum. 😀
So I’ll probably stay till that arrives then jog on up to Noosa.

I finally got to make my new Korean speaking skills useful. I went in to a small internet cafe and the worker was a really gorgeous Korean girl. So I said “An Yung” (hello) and asked her how to say various things such as: nice to meet you – “Manassa Pang Gouwa” and you are pretty – “Doh Yeah Poh”. So when I left, I said “Goma woh (thank you). Manassa Pang Gouwa, Doh Yeh Poh.” She blushed and laughed before replying “Goma Woh” (thank you)…smooooth

Brisbane’s always described as boring but I think it’s really nice. Just visited the Museum of Brisbane which has two exhibits. One being about skateboarding, and the other was about the development of Morse code. Enthralling stuff let me tell you
Nah it was quirky and cool though.
Also just came back from walking around the Cathedral which is beautiful. Tommie really liked it, he posed in a few more photos he loved it so much. Once I get money through I’ll be visiting the Natural Bridge, and tomorrow I’ll have a walk to The Botanic Gardens, Southbank, Library and loads of other places. I’ll cover all the touristy stuff in the next three days.

When we first arrived in Brisbane we booked our trip to Australia Zoo. I’ve got to say, it is easily the best Zoo in the world. Where else in the world can you stroke a Koala for free, feed Elephants FOR FREE, and even feed Kangaroos….for two bucks lol
Turned out that was a rip of though – I tried feeding them grass and it worked. But I’m guessing Roo Food’s their favourite. I got a photo of Tommie next to a Roo and a Koala; I’ll try and get them on here soon 😉

Just got an email back from a Pub in England offering me a job I applied for about three months ago! Yeah nice one “The Shoe Inn”. Good to know you guys keep on top of things
Unfortunately that’s the only job offer that’s come through as well. All the jobs I’ve applied for here have come up with nowt. I’ll keep looking though and hopefully something will come up.

Well that’s all from me. I’ll steel a pen from reception so I can write down stuff that’s happened and make these blogs full of what I’ve done.

I’m off to the Gallery of Modern Art.
Laters x

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