Touch of Deja Vu

I’m now in Noosa Heads; the weather is rubbish like back in England, I can’t seem to handle my drink – like in England, and I’m a Kitchen Porter for the hostel and it’s crap…like one time back in England, lol. Ah well, if it gets me free accommodation and one free meal it’s all good. Even better, I have free internet again. I JUST walked in to the Tribal Travel branch here with my Tribal T-Shirt on and they said “Oh, you can have free internet if you work for us”. Sweeeeet!

That job in Brisbane really was the best. I gave out loads of flyers, and when I got bored, I’d take a trip to the music shop and Jam with the cool owner. Either that or I’d buy an iced Coke and sit and chill somewhere. Unfortunately I didn’t always get away with this; a homeless guy squared up to me outside the store one day and said “You like a drink don’t ya. I’ve seen you!” Yeah he was kinda scary. But he couldn’t stand up properly so I didn’t see him as much of a threat. Apparently he thought I’d stolen his beers too :s

Another thing I did with Tribal when in Brisbane was put Flyers and the free food bags all around the hostel. The management there was awful, and the deputy manager (Michael) was a rude cock-head. So I went out my way to annoy them buy advertising our free internet, where people would usually have to pay at the hostel. Ha!
Rumors began spreading that I was kicked out of the hostel…but I wasn’t. They never found out it was me. Not even when I walked in wearing my Tribal Tee and clutching a shite load of the free bags. LOL!!!

I finally got to visit Springbrook National Park (SNP) which was glorious. THE best thing I’ve seen in Australia so far. The Natural Bridge was beautiful, and the Purlingbrook Waterfall was awesome. Our guide said that if we wanted we could swim under the waterfall. It was raining, and a bit nippy, but I thought fuck it, lol. It was totally worth getting bitten by two leaches and cutting my feet quite a lot to shower under that. Once I got close to the falls it was getting harder and harder to stand because of the breeze coming off it. The wind along with the showering torrent of water created the best rush I’ve ever had. Then actually showering under Purlingbrook was amazing, the water was falling pretty heavily to say the least.

After drying off, we finished the 4 kilometer trek round the falls and went to feed wild parrots. They were real cute. Just opposite the feeding area was also ‘Glow-Worm Grotto’. Inside this man-made cave like space, there were hundreds of beautiful Glow-Worms. It was real spectacular – like looking at a starry sky 😀
That night I went out with the two really cool French guys from my room. I’d secured 2 free drinks vouchers from the floor and some left-over Goon from past roomies. So I was sorted for the night 🙂
It was a bit of a fail though. Pretty dead. I guess it would be, being a Sunday.
I’ve got to hand it to the French though…probably my new favorite nationality visiting Australia. Most laid back people I’ve ever met.

On Monday 21st March I bought Bob 😀
Bob is the current name for my awesome Ukulele till I can think of a better name for him/her/it. There was a self-teach book for 25 bucks and the Uke was the same. After much haggling and an over-exagerated exclamation of “What, are you Jewish or something dude?!” from the shopkeeper, I got it down to 45 smackers. Not bad seeing as the guy gets hagglers every day. That night there was another free BBQ at Tin Billy’s that we’d enjoyed the Monday previous. I figured that the organizers wouldn’t change the vouchers from last time, so I made sure I kept Richard and Sonya’s tokens. Sure enough…they were using the same vouchers, so I blagged two free BBQs!!! Boo-yah! 😆
In the pub I also met up with two Canadian guys I worked with in Stanthorpe when I was apple picking. Small world ey?
I had two spare vouchers for them too, and in return I got some beer 🙂
When I got back it was late so nobody was on the 24/7 internet. So I bought some minutes and tuned Bob 😀

By Tuesday I’d learnt like 3/4 Uke songs. Once you know 3 or 4 chords, you can play thousands of songs it turns out. Just last night this awesome Dutch guy was proving that fact. I think he did 10 songs with 3 chords in the same order 😛
On Tuesday I also had another jamming session with the music shopkeeper…plying ‘You are My Sunshine’ together. Then I decided after work I’d treat myself to a nice restaurant meal. So I booked a table in a place recommended by Lonely Planet. When I left the hostel, I’d remembered the first 2 letters of the restaurant…’G’ and ‘I’. I’d also forgotten my phone, so they couldn’t ring me to help. Therefore I spent about 45 minutes looking for the damn place before giving up and going to McDonalds, haha! At least it worked out cheaper.
Talking of working out cheaper, after having a shower that night and finishing my shower gel bottle, I washed my hands and whilst brushing my teeth I noticed the soap dispenser said ‘hair and body’. Bing: I thought. If that’s cool to use for the hair and body…I’ll take it. So I filled my recently used bottle full with FREE dispenser stuff. I have used it since and it’s fine. Don’t worry…I know I’m a pikey 😛

On 23ed March I finally received Mum’s package in the mail and sorted myself out for the trip to Mooloolaba. I also learnt ‘Fix You’ by Coldplay and figured out ‘Hallelujah’ by Jeff Buckley by accident. Which was nice 😀

The next day was my last shift at Brisbane Tribal Travel. Quite sad to be honest, really loved that job. I got to keep the Tribal T-Shirt though 😀
Well happy about that…I’m wearing it now!
The same day I moved in to a discounted room with WORKING air conditioning. Thank god, because I hadn’t been able to sleep till then. I used the shower hair comb that Mum put in my package as well 8)
It’s really good Mum, helps my hair look silky and soft. Because I’m worth it 😀
In the package I got Hugh Laurie’s ‘The Gun Seller’ as well. It’s pretty good so far, quite funny.

Before arriving in Mooloolaba on 25th March, my boss at Tribal, James, had told me that he knew about a deal this one hostel did for backpackers. One free night and a free breakfast in the morning…for anyone. I rung them up the day before, and sure enough it was true 😯
The woman asked “what sort of room would you like” and I replied “Urm…the best one?..” She laughed and said she could get me a double en suite room to myself. “Sounds good to me” I said, lol. Friggin sweet!!! is what I really wanted to say 😮
So on that Friday I enjoyed a whole double room all to myself. I did all the ‘room to yourself’ stuff. Walked around naked, sung in the shower, had a wank. Nah just joking, I’d sing in the shower even if I had company 😯
That night, because of the Brisbane Restaurant fail, I took a trip out and found a nice little Italian place. I had a 4 course meal and gave myself a real bad food baby that was incredibly hard to carry back to the hostel, but I made it…just. Then I stripped off again and watched TV 😀 😀
The next day I took part in a free standing up paddle session down the river which was great fun. I fell in a few times but meh.
After that I took a dip in the hostel pool with Kerry and Kelly from the paddle session. Kelly was the boys name 😛
That was relaxing till I got bit by this lil water cricket bastard thing. They’ve got pincer like things on the sides of their mouths, and once they’ve attached themselves with those they slice inside the skin pretty deep. I don’t know why, maybe they’re trying to get something out…blood? 😕
But it hurts as much as it sounds.
The same night I moved in to Nomads in Noosa Heads and got a job as a Kitchen Porter for free accommodation and 1 evening meal.

That’s all I’ve been doing up untill now. The weather is crap here so there’s not much you can do. I visited Noosa National Park (NNP) yesterday and did three of the scenic walks which was really cool. Today I’m gonna head up to the scenic lookout that peers over Noosa, it’s real nice apparently. Although it is raining today so maybe not. We’ll see.

Apart from that, the only other thing that’s happened is my very first Aussie chunder lol. I had a lot to drink two nights ago, I was chatting to nice British girl from Cheshire before I suddenly felt it coming. I said “I really need a pee, I’ll be back”, she replied “You better, be, I’ll be waiting”. I paced to the nearest toilet…and chundered everywhere! I literally did though. It’s okay I did a great job of cleaning it up.
I never returned to the girl. Don’t think she would have taken kindly to sicky-breathy, sicky smelling sicky dude chatting to her any more.

Hope everyone back home is doing okay. I hear the weather there’s better than here…damn you guys!!!
Much love from Trav x x x

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