The Grass is Always Greener

Okay, once again it's been like a month since I last blogged. My Bad! It's now 24th June so I'm gonna have to do a mega back-track. After 2 weeks of the Plan International job along with the Dishy night job, I was totally fucked. So there was only one thing for it, quit the dishy job. As soon as I quit that job I felt like a free man 🙂 I worked one more week for Plan, and thank god I did because I met a totally awesome girl. Emily her name is (sigh) 😀 From the moment I saw her I fancied her, dunno if that was mutual, I do look like a blonde Jesus right now. (Actually no I don't, I shaved about a week ago. I am currently in Queenstown finally trying to finish this damn blog). Me and Emily met up a few times in and around Melbourne, had a really great time with her always 🙂 We're thinking of meeting up around the world every now and again. I can't wait for Paris. All the best Emily 😉 aha So once I was free from the clutches of work, I set out to finally do all the touristy things in Melbourne. First, I visited the Art Gallery with Marcus, Maddy and Kris. Kris left after about 10 minutes, he said it wasn't his thing. Kah…Welsh. Just kidding, love you bro. At one point there was a cool looking pot inside a glass case, so I slowly moved in to have a closer look, and I hit my head on the glass. What a pilock, haha. It really hurt. That was probably the highlight of the gallery, there was some great stuff but there was too much to see and it got dull pretty sharpish. Next up was the War Memorial/Museum with Kris, this was more his 'thing'. It's a fantastic museum, they've even got a Victoria Cross, which I've never seen before. All you fellow ex-cadets would've loved it. And Hadley, it would've most definitely been your thing. Every half hour, they open a hatch in the centre of the memorial which lets in a beam of light that shines over the stone in the centre. That was really cool. There were loads of touristy things to do in Melbourne, maybe too many. Next I went to the Museum with Emily 🙂 We checked out the Tutankhamen exhibit-which was nice. I was kind of distracted through a lot of it though. Because…ahem…I was urrr, daydreaming. Yeah, daydreaming. …Moving on Unfortunately I never did get time to see the longest escalator in Melbourne. Sorry Em :s I'll regret that for the rest of my life I reckon : / After finishing my tourist duties, I just chilled with Maddy and the Gang. We either drank in the hostel, or went out. One night we went around the corner of our hostel for Neighbors Night. It was such good fun, it's basically a night out in a bar…with the cast of Neighbors. Maddy was going mental over Dr Karl Kennedy. Is that spelt right? I didn't know who he was so, meh! Seemed like a nice dude, couldn't justify dribbling and crying over him though. Bless ya Mad 😉 My last few nights In Melbourne were lush. I had another meal with Emily and got some photos of the fire towers on Southbank. I'm easily amused it seems. I can't believe I actually left her on her own on the dinner table just to get the snaps. Sorry about that Em 😛 I was really sad to leave Emily and the Habitat (hostel) crew, but that's just part of travelling. What really annoyed me was the awesome pics that came out after I'd left. It's almost like they celebrated my departure 😀 On the12th June I boarded my flight to Sydney. I was in Sydney about 3 hours, and I got a double decker train to the city and back. For no reason. I think I thought the flight out from Sydney was the next day. Then saw it wasn't. Pleb. Still, the train ride was wonderful. When I arrived in Auckland, I'll be honest, I wasn't instantly won over. If anyone's coming to NZ who hasn't been here before, don't worry if you land in Auckland and think 'well this isn't the best intro to New Zealand in the world'. That's what I thought. Regardless, I set out to do the touristy stuff straight away visiting the Art Gallery on day 1. It was pretty good, there was a nice photography exhibit. I took the free tour too which was interesting. But a bit ruined by the weird old dude who joined us. At this point I was still attracting plenty of nutters. I don't get too many now, I think the beard loss has done wonders really 😀 At one point we were looking at a painting with a cloud in it. This man pointed at the cloud and said 'donkey, ha ha'. There was no donkey. 'Give me strength' I thought. I stayed with that tour probably for another 5 minutes and then thought 'fuck this' and left the poor woman in the capable hands of the nut job. The next day I checked out Albert Park and the Museum. Nice park, good Museum, Big Museum. Like the idiot I am, I thought 'I may as well make the most of this' and set upon reading every single information board for the first exhibit. It was interesting but kinda dull as pig shit at the same time. I quickly changed tactics, opting for the look and 'read a bit' approach. This worked much better. There was an exibit in Volcanoes that was fascinating. Apparently a few thousand or 10s of thousands of years ago, there was a huge eruption that caused a volcanic winter, killing almost everyone in the world. Only a few thousand people survived, therefore everybody alive today are direct descendants from those few thousand people. Interesting ey? Well…I thought so. On 16th I met three British lads, Dan, Kris and Joe. I think it was Joe. Anyway, I met them outside the Base Hostel waiting for the same bus as me, the Stray. My first impressions of Dan weren't terrific. He had his back to me most the time, whilst his mates were trying to talk to me. Anyway, I hopped on the Stray for my first leg (Auckland>Raglan). In Raglan I met French (Mary), Frederik (Sweden) and Basti (Sebastian, Germany hmmmm).

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