Luca and his Thai bride.

Well here we are in the sunny climes of Bangkok… and all Luca wants to do is buy a tie… in Thailand… get it? Tie, Thai?… Yeah, I’ve got 8 months of it.Off to see some temples and stuff when we get back from Cambodia… hopefully get to some thai boxing too. Anyways… on to Luca and his wife… Basically we’ve been here a few days and he has managed to aquire himself a Thai stalker… she seems to want to settle down and marry him… which I keep telling him he should… so long as she realises that when he asks for a 69 he doesnt want a chicken chow mein. Had a Thai massage yesterday which seems to involve some Thai woman jumping up and down on my back and yanking bits of my body… and not in a good way. Sadists, the lot of them. Anyways… off to Cambodia so I’ll have to leave it there… should be good, eight hours across bumpy roads in the back of a pick-up truck… wonderful.

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