Hitler was a ponce.

Well, we made it to Cambodia! Bizarre place, there’s little begger kids everywhere who have had arms blown off by land mines and stuff… but you get used to it. Food is awesome, six lobsters on the beach for $1… can’t argue with that! Been out and about in a few places… went to the killing fields which was pretty harsh… Basically about 30 years ago in Cambodia there was this guy called Pol Pot who despite sounding like cutlery, was a pretty nasty fella. Actually, he makes Hitler look like a pretty little girl guide. Basically he culled the community of anyone educated, and buried them in mass graves at the killing fields. When you walk across the groud there are pieces of human bone under your feet. Nasty.But we’re not there now! We’re on the beach, which is sooo cool. Well, apart from the beggers and whores. Gus- you’d love it, all it would take you to get laid here is $10… you could afford it and still have money for a buffet.Off back to Thailand pretty soon; gunna head down for the Full Moon Party on Koh Pha Ngan which should be cool. Other than that I haven’t really got anything to say… Fella pulled some 4’10” Cambodian who told him she was 23…hmmmm. No hips if you ask me.Well, i’ll blog again soon with something a bit more upbeat… quite hard to take the piss when you’ve been hiking over human bones and are surrounded by landmine victims and child whores… well, actually, it’s very easy to take the piss… but I wouldn’t want you to think any less of me!

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