Joys of Singapore

We arrived in Singapore at 6am with Becky (one of the Klobsters) in tow… Now what I have failed to mention this far is that when in Thailand, Becky spent a whole day out on a boat without any sun cream on… making her face a deeper red than Mick Hucknall. Her skin then began to blister, peel and fall off, giving her the look of a leper… Nice.

So, at 6am in Singapore we’re wandering the streets looking for a hostel; funny how no-one is overly keen on giving you directions when you’re accompanied by a girl who’s skin is falling off as she walks.

Eventually we found the hostel and settled in by cooking some eggs and watching Harry Potter… I love being cultural…. Then we made a plan for our few days in Singapore.

First however, we had to pick Rach (another travelling partner) up from the airport (we had to be there at 8am, which was lovely). When we arrived we were slightly peturbed by the amount of stuff she had… One massive backpack with smaller backpack attached. One holdall. One smaller shoulder backpack.

I shit you not. Inside this bag was… 9 pairs of shoes, hair straighteners, a make-up collection the Moulin Rouge would be proud of, and the entire seasonal stock of Topshop… After dragging all this around for a few days (and it weighed approximately the same as a small anvil) she decided to post a load of it back home… Genius.

Once Rach was suitably settled, we went over to a man-made island called Sentosa where we were told the highlight of the day would be a brilliant show at the musical fountain… The thing itself was quite cool, however they decided to project onto this musical fountain, a slightly bizarre, manga-style, green monkey… They then coupled this with a host who would make Dale Winton look like a oil rig worker… (picture a Butlins redcoat, then dress him in pink, hand him a sparkly stick, make him dance around, and give him a voice as camp as a row of pink tents)…

Needless to say we weren’t overly thrilled by the display! Although I did get to poke a shark at Underwater World… he was thoroughly impressed.

One more thing before I close the book on Singapore… We went clubbing, with Fritz, our German friend who came out with us in Singapore… Now, Fritz stayed with us for all of ten minutes in the club, until me and Luca decided to bolt a jug of Gin a Tonic and start doing the robot in a club full of Conservative Singaporeans… No-one wants to associate with the British, it’s great!… So me and Luca tore up the dance floor, then onto the stage where we were told it was ‘girls only’, and of course the only reply to that is ‘It’s ok, we’re English’, then turn around and go straight back into The Robot… Leaving the bouncers APOLOGISING for troubling us… Singapore is amazing!

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