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With more returning military members ready to reenter the workforce, one career expert pilot says there are a number of things that veterans can do to update their resumes in order to compete in today’s competitive job market.

Military career advisor John Wolfe said that veterans often include too much military jargon on their resume that does not describe how a candidate would best fit in with a company. Instead, Wolfe said, veterans need to describe the skills that they gained in the military in a general way that focuses on their responsibilities and accomplishments.

Other common resume mistakes, which are often also made by the general public, include adding too much personal information, such as marital status or religious background that could lead a hiring manager to make certain assumptions or could cause them to immediately reject an application.

All candidates should also make sure that their resumes are never longer than 2 pages. Wolfe said a resume’s purpose is to tell a brief career history, and should pique a potential employer’s interest so they want to learn more about the candidate.

According to the best Resume Writing Services statistics, there were 3.5 million job openings in the U.S. as of February 2020.


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