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Hola Amigo/Amiga

My warm introduction should give a clear insite as to where I shall be heading on 7th March. I appreciate there are many nations on our colourful globe that speak Spanish and so for that reason, I will give you a couple of clues. Sadly I will not be heading on a jolly boys outing to Benidorm,nor will I be in search of the great Manuel, the man who ‘knows nothing’, working hard at ruining peoples holidays down at Fawlty Towers in Torquay. If you haven’t guessed already, I am infact off to South America, home of Salsa Dancing,Machu Picchu and the mighty Amazon Rainforest.

These are only a few of the reasons for me heading all the way down there to South America. Those of you who followed my travels through my diary I kept on here last year, will know that I have already visited India,South East Asia and Australasia and had the best seven months of my life. I was so glad to have achieved it, but as many know, once you have traveled once it can become very addictive.

I returned home from my global travels last September and have been working hard since. I must confess though that within a month of being home I was itching to get away again. I was torn between staying and settling into a career or heading off again for another adventure. I am very happy to have picked the later. I am free of commitments for the time being, am still young (23) and have the burning desire to travel. I think they are good enough reasons to go!

But why have I decided on South America I hear you ask? When away and even since I have been home, I have spoken to many people who clearly rate South America as their favourite continent. This isn’t too hard to comprehend when you consider that within this continent you will find the largest rainforest in the world, the awe inspiring Angel falls ( tallest on earth) as well as one of the ‘greatest’ Falls on earth at Foz do Iguaco. There are the Andes ,which flanks the Western Coast of the continent,running from Colombia in the North to the Southern tip of Chile. Many of the peaks exceed 6000 metres and contribute to some truly spectacular scenery such as that found in Patagonia.

Three weeks today I will already be in South America and I’m a little nervous to say the least. I have decided not to just’bum about’ and backpack as i did last time,but to give something to the host community other than money and do something constructive. This i’m sure will be a great experience for me and won’t look too bad on my CV either.

I have actually secured myself a teaching position based up in Huaraz in the Peruvian Andes,where I will be based for three months. I will be living with a host peruvian family in their home and hope to integrate as much as possible. That does mean properly mastering the language, which I am a long way from at present. My placement has been secured through a british organisation called TeachPeru- not the most inventive of names,but I suppose it does exactly as it says on the tin.What you see is what you get!

After completing my teaching post I have allocated myself three months to load the backpack, so eager to be used once again, where we will head off across South America in the general direction of Rio De Janeiro where I will fly home on 13th September. My general route will be to head through Peru, into Bolivia before i head on into Argentina. From there I hope to make it to Santiago in Chile to sample some of the best snowboarding in South America before heading across Argentina to Beunos Aires where I would love to learn how to dance properly. At the moment I am utterly cack and even thats being overly optimistic! Then I hope to sample life in Paraguay before I visit the Iguaco Falls and head on to Rio, capital of Samba,sex and surf-not such a bad place to finish my adventures methinks!

Must sees along the way are of couse Machu Picchu where I hope to hike the Inca Trail, mountain bike down the death Road in Bolivia, see Lake Titicaca,the worlds highest navigable lake and sample life in Rio.Anything else is just a bonus.

Its just over two weeks before I head off then-not long. I hope to keep you all updated as often as possible and I look forward to sharing my experiences with you.

Speak soon



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