The South American adventures begin.

Hola Amigos/Amigas.

You will be overjoyed to hear that I have arrived safely in Lima. I am still in a state of recovery after yesterday, which proved to be a very long day indeed.

I arose bright and early at 3:40am and crammed some last minute bits into my backpack, before my Dad very kindly drove me to Gatwick Airport. The M25 proved to be emptier than Hoddesdon Town centre at midnight and so we made the 60 mile journey in just over an hour.

After bidding a fond farewell to my Dad again for the next 6 months I headed into the relative warmth of the Terminal building and checked in, or a least I tried to. I had decided to bring my regular backpack and an additional pack full of newspapers,books and a tamborine, which I hoped to use and donate to the school I would be working in up in Huaraz.

I soon stumbled across problems when I was told that only one piece of luggage was permitted. I attempted to cram everything in my holdal into my backpack,but with little joy. I thought I may have to ditch all of my planned donated items,before the kind lady behind the desk actually realised that she had made a mistake and that the kind lady who sold me the ticket at STA travel had allowed me extra baggage allowance and so I was able to bring everything. I was overjoyed! This feeling of elation soon passed though as I was told I was unable to bring my bottle of water through customs. Bearing in mind that i am made up of 80% water ( or there abouts), I found this a little contadictory. I decided to guzzle 1 litre of water instead of throwing it away and then passed through customs with my legs crossed before making a quick break for the toilet.

One hour later and I was on the plane ready for the two hour flight to Madrid,where i would then have to change and catch the long haul jaunt to Lima. The flight to Madrid passed in a breeze as i chatted away to a friendly,but very tired Spanish couple on their way home from St Vincent in the Carribean. I tried to perfect some of my Spanish as it is flagging somwhat at present.

Catching the inter-connecting flight was fine,but again the water i had pinched on the first flight was conviscated. This time though the weather beaten Spanish lady ripped it out of my hands and binned it before before i could say I know Nothing!

The flight to Lima proved pretty horrific,not only in terms of length,but also humidity. The plane was rather on the warm side. Food was Ok, but the crying baby next to me tested my patience somewhat. Got my first look at the Amazon rainforest and River from the air and caught sight of some snow capped mountains as we drifted over the might Andes.

Eventaully we touched down in Lima and most Spanish/Peruvian people on the plane ( 70% ) errupted into a loud applause.

Ok so i have now just got to the good part, but that is where i shall leave it for now, as a fellow backpacker requires usage of this computer. Hopefully I{ll be back soon.

Adios Amigos.


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