Living the ‘High’ Life.

Buenos dias Gringos!

I do hope the title of this post has not alarmed you. I have managed to resist the many offers of cheap weed and other mind altering substances,despite some very good selling techniques from the dealers.

In my last post I was still in a state of recovery from the flight and was enjoying the sites of the buzzing and cosmopolitan capital city of Lima. I emjoyed my time in the city and only merely scratched the surface,so there is more than an adequate reason to return at some point.

I was originally planning to take the bus ride up to Huaraz some time on the 10th March, but I ended up booking a fairly cheap ticket through the hostel,which left Miraflores at 10pm.

After enjoying a tropical sunset from a cliff top overlooking the Pacific, I checked out of my hostel,bid my farewells to the staff and Sebastian and waddled out onto the street, doubled over by the weight I was carrying. I soon managed to flag down a taxi and took the 15 minute ride to the Bus Station. En route I saw men sleeping on pavements, prostitudes wearing lttle more than dental floss and very nearly became well aquainted with a bus swerving into our lane from nowhere.

Eventually we limped into the bus station,where I paid my driver 2 soles ( 30p) and thanked him for getting me there safely. Altough I already had my ticket,I found it very difficult actually trying to work out which bus was mine. I went to customer services,but soon discovered even they didn’t speak a word of English. I was being barged from every direction and was already getting rather annoyed. I never remeber having these problems in India or Asia. Transport there seemed a simple affair in comparison. I finally latched on to two ther backpackers who were coincidentally heading to Huaraz and they helped me. After by packs had been flung onto the bus and every piece of luggage was sitting on top of them, I boarded the bus and found my seat.
It actually proved to be very comfortable, with ample leg room and even a complimentary drink. This was living alright!

We set sail ( hit the road) bang on time, which already put this service head and shoulders above the 310 service in Hertfordshire. The drivers were also of normal weight too!

We traveled through the entire night,climbing most of the way as we would be acending from sea level to a height of 3100m. I tried to catch some sleep,but the very loud Spanish film, snoring man next to me and an atrocious road surface managed to stop this.

We eventually arrived in Huaraz half an hour early at 5:30m. I had spoken to Luis, the teaching project head man,who planned to collect me at 6am. I propped myself up against the cushioning of my backpack and mutted no Gracias to numerous taxi drivers until Luis arrived.

He first took me to his home on the ourskirts of town, and it proved to be a rather luxurious abode. We both headed to the kitchen where he made me a speacial tea,which would help with the altitude. We were after all over two miles up in the sky. I then headed to the spare room where I grabbed a few hous sleep- much needed.

i was awoked just after noon,by a knock on my door. I opened the door and was greeted by a smiling little boy named Essy who happened to be Luis’s son. We chatted away for a bit and then played a few games. He is a great little kid and his English is absolutely superb for a 7 year old.

Mid-afternoon, I was invited to the dining table for lunch,which I shared with Luis and his family aswell as another volunteer named James. He had unfortunately woken me earlier with an upset stomack,nonetheless he still had the confidence to eat lunch. It soon became clear that James spoke fluent Spanish,despite the fact he was only 19 years old. For most of our time at the table,everybody spoke in Spanish and i felt very ebarrassed by the fact that my current knowledge extends to Hablo un Poco Castellano ( I know little Spanish!) I just smiled away and pretended I understood everybody and I just made lots of mmmm noises and thumbs up signs, to let the cook know i was enjoying her food.

Late afternoon after playing bubble Bobble ( yes thats right Rick!) on the PC,myself and Luis headed to the other side of town, where i would finally meet my host family and see my home for the next 3 months. I was greeted by a very nice chap named Alan who showed me to my room. Its rather on the small side, but Im sure it will be fine. Alan is the oldest of the children, also having two sisters aged 13 and 15. They are in Lima at present so it is jusr Alan, his grandmother Lucy and myself. Soon Luis left and I spent the remainder of the afternoon chatting to Alan, whose English is rather good. Lucy’s English is rather limited,however she is keen to learn and I hope I can help her as much as possible. In exchange for very cheap food and lodgings, I will be expected to give them both help with their English whilst they help me with my Spanish.

After a lovely dinner consisting of Potato,egg and Chicken heart, I headed into town to meet up with a couple of the other volunteers in town. We sunk a few beers, played some table tennis and danced a little- a good evening I thought, however the combination of altitude and tiredness sent every hop to my head!

After getting lost on the way home, I eventually made it back and collapsed into my uncomfortable bed at 1am.

After a terrible nights sleep, I was awoken at 7:30am for breakfast. Ate it in a semi-conscious state, but was soon wokwn by a freezing shower,so cold that steam came off of my body afterwards. That pretty much takes me to now then. As i write to you Im listening to Salsa music and have a teenage boy sitting next to me, watching porn on his computer, with a constant grin on his face.

With that in mind i think i shall wind it up there.

Later I am heading to the park to play some football,South American style with Alan and his mates.

Will speak soon

Hasta Luego Amigos


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