A night on the Tiles…….

Hola everyone.

This weekend has certainly been a very eventful and enjoyable one.

After a hard day in the classroom on Friday, myself and the other volunteers decided it would be a good idea to head into town for some liquid refreshment and ripe conversation. After we all met up at BCP Bank ( the official meeting place in town), we headed to Mackondas Bar, the biggest gringo meeting place in Huaraz. We took a seat at our normal table and soon the Pilsen beer was flowing.
A little later into the night we were joined by some of the locals and I soon got chatting to a very attractive and friendly girl called Vania. I soon learned that she was a Salsa Teacher in Lima, despite the fact that she is only 20 years old. Once again, my interaction with the locals was rather strained as my knowledge of Spanish is still hopelessly flagging somewhat.
I soon managed to ease the nerves though, when Vania kindly offered to take me to the nightclub below, where she would teach me some moves. It was almost impossible to say no and so within minutes we had made a little clearing on the dancefloor, before we started to dance. As always i was utterly hopeless, but I carried on, eager to impress. For most of the night we danced to Salsa and pop, although my personal favourite is Reggaeton. This is a cross between hip-pop and Reggae and the dancing style is very intimate indeed. I enjoyed it!

By 2am, Vania was pretty tired ( probably of my dancing!) and so we said goodbye, agreeing to meet the next night for some more grooving. I eventually got home at 4am and managed to grab 5 hours of broken sleep,before I was woken at 9am for breakfast. After spending most of the morning in a semi-conscious and hungover state, I spent the afternoon in a horizontal postion, catching flies!

After a very filling dinner, I actually enjoyed my first warm shower, since arriving and then dressed to impress. Once again, the venue for all of the carnage was Mackonos and I soon managed to locate Vania. We chatted as best we could ( a little difficult when neither person speaks the same language), before we danced close for most of the night and even shared a passionate kiss. It was a great night and didn´t even notice the time pass until we eventually left, only to be greeted with sunrise.

Sadly Vania left today, to head back to Lima, but we have each others email and she is planning on heading back to Huaraz to visit her brother at the beginning of April. Certainly looking forward to it!

Well Better dash now.

Speak soon

Dan 😀

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