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Hola everyone

In my last blog I was just about to embark on the 8 hour uphill bus journey back ´ home ‘ to Huaraz, the largest city in the Ancash region of Peru.

After a 1 hour delay and a pleasant chat with a very friendly middle aged Peruvian couple in the waiting area, I found my seat on the double decker coach and nestled myself nicely in my large and very soft seat. Sleep that night proved almost impossible though, as we swerved and bumped as the bus climbed the mountain passes and the temperature inside the bus proved unbearably hot. I clambered over my younger neighbour and opened the window for some air, only for him to close it minutes later. Must have been something wrong with him, adding to the fact that he was wearing a jumper. On my last journey i was sat behind a vomitting baby and now this chap. Luck of the Irish some might say!

I did manage to grab half an hour of sleep here and there throughout the night, each time waking with a very stiff neck as my head had slumped forward into a funny position. Arriving in Huaraz as the sun pulled itself above the snowy Andean peaks, I was a happy man.
With daylight upon us, I decided to walk the short journey back to my house and it was most pleasant walking back along the main Plaza and across the cascading river, using the new bridge that had been completed whilst I was back in England.

Everybody was still asleep when i returned home, so i dumped my pack and nearly broke my back as i threw myself onto my bed, forgetting in my sleep deprived mind that the thin foam matress would not break my fall. Nonetheless I managed to grab an hours sleep, before I heard a knock on the door. I was greeted by Alan, Luci and all of the other lodgers in the house and spent the rest of the day catching up and enjoying my first plate of Rice and Potato, since arriving back in Llama land. That night i headed into town with Alan and a couple of the other guys and we did a club crawl, finally ending up in Tambo bar, where I was re-united with Vania, the lovely girl who had become my dance partner a few weeks previous. A great night was had by all I I finally collapsed into bed at 3am, very happy with my first day back in Huaraz.

Since then, I have been back just over a week and have since returned to the classroom. It was great seeing all of the children again and I think they were pretty happy to see me too! I have started teaching a new class in the evenings at the language centre and have the task of taking all five lessons this week on my own, without any help. It will be very tough, but the class seem very nice and Im looking forward to the challenge.

Also paid another visit to the dancefloor of Tambo and Mackondos Bar last weekend and ended up meeting some pretty cool people there with Mark, another one of the volunteers, who is fluent in Spanish. It is certainly very handy having him around.

So that is what I have been up to recently. I shall report back soon, as of when aything else exciting happens.

Until then I shall bid you all a farewell.

Hasta Pronto


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