Re-Vistiting Student Life!

Despite the title, you will be very glad to hear that I have not been consuming vast quantities of dirt cheap alcohol, before trying to collect as many road signs as possible in my room. I have actually spent the last fortnight taking intensive Spanish Classes in the very pleasant city of Arequipa.

Although my Spanish was already at a comforable level already, I decided that I wanted to improve it further so that i could have more than just a very basic conversation with the locals. For many travelers here, the ability to buy a bus ticket, order a beer and tell a girl she is good looking is enough for them, but I really want to get to grips with the Spanish language, which isnt actually all that difficult. Many words are very similar to that in English and i will admit that a few times I have just added an a or an o to the end of an English word, hoping that it might pass as Spanish!

I studied Spanish at Rocio Language School, a very small, but friendly center only 5 minutes walk from the Plaza De Armas. With time at a premium, I decided to take one on one lessons for ten days straight for 4 hours each morning. My teacher was a very bubbly young man named Alan who made learning verbs and Spanish Grammar much more bearable than it would be if I was studying alone. Torwards the middle of the second week we would actually spend a good two hours each day just chatting away, with as little English as possible. I was lost for words a few times, but with Alan´s help my vocab has improved significantly.

So I am now in Cusco. Appologies for the very short blog this time. I am really pushed for time and have a fair bit to prepare, before make the train journey up to Machu Picchu tomorrow! I am certainly very excited about seeing one the World´s wonders that I have only ever dreamed of seeing.

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