The Slow train to the lake.

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The Slow train to the lake.

Updated 10 years, 4 months ago

After shooting pool with some bearded Irish chaps and three Ecuadorian girls until the early hours, I awoke weary eyed to the sound of by watch alarm, kindly informing me that it was 6:30 am and time to face the cold!
After dressing quickly and finally managing to zip close my pack, which was now full to bursting point, I hurried out of the hostel and found a kind man in a bright yellow taxi, who took me to the train station.

I was to be taking the train from Cusco to Puno, amedium sized town on the western banks of Lake Titicaca. Earlier that week,a very memorable Irishman from County Clare informed me in a typically strong countrey accent, that the jouney was a little long, but mighty grand as it makes its way across the Peruvian Altiplano, en-route to the final destination.

With an unhealthy budget, I boarded the backpacker part of the train, expecting a few more pairs of brightly colored trousers and dreadlocks, but was pleasantly suprised as we chugged out of the station, barely half full.
As luck would have it, i soon discovered that Aser and jess were on the same train and so after hitching up once again, played a variety of card games to help the 10 hour journey pass a little more quickly.

Other than that the journey was rather uneventful, other than myself and Aser gawking at two young rail stewardesses preparing themselves for the journey ahead in the seats opposite. More of a suprise and a gift was when they both went to the toilet to get changed, only to return wearing tight Lycra trousers. Neither of us knew where to look!
Scenery-wise, the view from the window certainly reached the Irishman´s description, as we were treated to fine mountain views, Llamas and cascading mountain streams only a few meters from the track.

Just after sunset, we crawled into into Puno and after finding a triple room near to the centre, went out for a nice meal, where i feasted on quite a good piece of steak.

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