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Hallo people out there 🙂      You sould go to Neal                                                                                                                         

My advice take a trip to Nepal here you can experience Everything from local culture, Buddhism, colorful festivals, wild animals, challenging adventure trips, and then you will see the most amazing nature.      

14 septhember: I just arrive in Nepal to getter with 11 other young people from Denmark.
We arrive from Copenhagen early in the morning, where friendly and a bit aggressive Nepalese people immediately take our luggage and will bring it to our buss, which they expect some money for. My first impression: People are very hectic, but they all have good intentions. It is clear that Nepal is poor country. There are many people on the street, an eternal maze of tuktuks, cars, and bikes and not least the red thread that runs through all Asian countries: no traffic rules.

After welcoming the best Nepal ethical style – with yellow garland around our necks – we drove to our hotel in the center of Kathmandu. We will be staying in the heart of the backpacker area Thamel at the hotel Mashandgi. There we meed the people behind the trekking company Highlander, which have arrange all our trips from trekking, sightseeing, temple visiting, a visit to Tibet, rafting, kayak, paragliding, bungee and so on. The 3 guides that meet us at the hotel are very help fully, and give us a short briefing about, what we’ll be seeing the next 4 days.  

Day number one: we spend on sightseeing in Kathmandu. Tour means: to see the temples and Buddha characters. Then into a bus with takes us to various corners of the city, which hides everything from large, secret places for small temples in people’s backyards. Above all, the locals in the process of selling us everything from necklaces to three- sting homemade guitars.

We also visit the small villages around the entire Kathmandu Valley, where people live very close and primitive surrounded by the beautiful and distinctive rice fields. Although it is clear and the people are very poor, only smiling and friendly people meets us on our trip, and especially playful children. They think that it is wild exciting to see western people, and can have many hours to go to follow us around the city. It is very inspiring to meeting so much happiness.

After a week in Kathmandu City we were in for some fresh air! Therefore, it suited us very well to go on a 5 day long trekking trip, which called Namobuddha-trek east of Kathmandu. With boots strained tight, flattering trekking-pants on and sunscreen all over the face, we were ready to climb the mountains.

During the five days we went up and down, through villages and rice fields, across rivers and through large forests. Absolutely fantastic game! As the spoiled kids we already where, we should of course not carry our own luggage (Which also would have been very hard for us!). On the trip there were about two men with each of us. These men were our bear, cooks and guides who would do their best to keep the spirit up by panting people and singing songs. Dinner offered everything from burgers, pizza and pasta. And every morning we were woken with tea, coffee or hot chocolate while we still lay in our small tents and got eyes. Delicious!

At night we stayed in the tents playing cards, and some mornings we would get up early to see the sun rises above the beautiful mountains, something we’ll never forget. It was crazy beautiful! We slept at both lawns inside the small towns and on steep hillsides.

Now and then we also go out for a drink; unfortunately I wasn’t out celebrating our retune from our trekking trip as I was lay sick with stomach pains. But the other girls from my group went out, and came back very drunk as they had discovered the Menu Card Championship at the bar called Tom and Jerry. Briefly Menu Card Championship is a Danish competition, where you drink one of every drink there is on the menu (22 in total!), if you manages to drink all 22 drinks you may have your name embroidered on a fight Danish flags, which is hanging on the wall on the spot among hundreds of travel t-shirts, photos and flags.

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