Pokhara to Chitwan

Looking back on the last week with a fantastic nature view all the way from Tibet and back to Kathmandu again. Nepal and Tibet are very different from culture, which is quite an experience to see because the Danish culture is quite similar to our neighbors Sweden, Norway and Germany. Unfortunately the bus trip though Tibet was very long, therefore the most of the days was spend in the bus!!

Following Tibet we went to Pokhara, which is Nepal’s second most visited city primarily because of its location with views to 8 of the world’s highest mountain peaks. Within a 7-hour bus ride (from Kathmandu) we were now in Pokhara. Compared to Kathmandu Pokhara is a very beautiful and quiet city, which like Kathmandu also is stuffed to the brim with backpackers. In the center of Pokhara lies a huge and very beautiful lake, which gives the city an unique tranquility, as if the water swallowed all sound. At this marvel lake we should kayaking. The trip was very nice, and some of the people in our group were even trying to learn a Eskimo-turn.

In Pokhara we found the best restaurant to date!! The place is called Moondance, even though the place is more expensive than many other restaurants in Nepal, trust me, it’s all worth eating there. Nam nam:) >> Dessert: Apple-pie 😀 << As we were in Pokhara we needed a little wild adventure, and decided therefore all to paraglide! But ... As previously mentioned, it rains a lot in Pokhara, so our [b]paragliding[/b] trip was canceled 3-4 times which were very annoying. But at the end we all went paragliding. I took off together with 7 other ladies early in the morning time, were the sky was perfectly blue and were the mountains with snow peaks were very easily to see. Unfortunately that time at day the earth isn't warm enough to be in the air for a long time, therefore we could only be in the air for about 10 minutes, so we didn't make as many tricks in the air. But I wouldn't be without this great experience as the view from above was amazing. One of the days in Pokhara we were 5 girls who rented a motor bike, and went for a ride around the city and its crazy traffic!! From Pokhara we were going out on a 2-day river[b] rafting trip[/b], to the great national park, Chitwan. The only accommodation on our river rafting trip we spent on a small beach along the river, clean idyllic. The 2-days river rafting weren't that wild, but very fun all though, so next time I'm in for a longer trip. Although we did not consider we were completely finished with the raft we were pleased much to safari in Chitwan! We arrived at a lovely hotel and were immediately out to see an animal museum and see the elephants, and a single rhino. Coolest and most macabre museum to date! Elephant and rhino fetus, and dead snakes, cats, dolphins and so on. Exhibition of various organs in small glass and a lot of shit from a lot of different animals. In [b]Chitwan [/b]we were back in the oven, crazy hot! We were on crocodile safari, rode on elephants out in the jungle, and I bathed with elephants. It's a really elephant city. Everyone had them literally in the backyard. Dogs are evidently 'so last year. We were on the jeep safari, which was not really a jeep. We saw unfortunately not so many wild animals again. There were lots of deer, spider, monkish and other birds. Unfortunately we didn't see any tigers and bears. They live far longer in the forest, so you would have to take a long trip into the jungle to see them. One evening we saw beautiful sunsets. Otherwise we were on the bar in the evening and then Nepali-dance-stick show! To finish with something really intense adventure, we spent our last days together at [b]The Last Resort[/b]. To get there, you have to over a long suspension bridge 165 meters above a river. We were all very nervous about the bungee jump, and we could not believe that we are in a moment to jump down from it! When we had crossed the bridge, we arrived at the most relaxed place on earth. Delightful! We were shown to the tents where we would live in. Large 'tent', with floor, roof and real beds! Nice 🙂 We start with bungee jump. Completely insane horrible, but so wild and fun an experience. And my adrenaline was pumping the day out. We met some sweet Danish men; we got some drinks with before we went to bed and had to leave paradise.

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