Mazatlan Travels

Last year my family visited Mazatlan for vacation. I’m sure it was because of the city of Mazatlan being cheaper than your usual tourist paradises like Puerto Vallarta or Cabo San Lucas.

We stayed at the Riu all-inclusive Resort, which was pretty nice. We went around the town during the day and during tours. I must say Mazatlan has a much richer cultural experience than the other popular tourist areas. You really feel more off the beaten path with Mazatlan. It’s obvious the city is an actual city and not a touriest destination. They are a large supplier of Mexican Beer as well as a huge supplier of the world Shrimp demand.

We took a tour through some mangroves to visit a small village outside of Mazatlan. Being a city boy, I always find it fascinating to see the small villages in other countries. People who have no electricity, no tv, etc. – I love to see how they live their days. What makes them happy. Sometimes it makes a city boy admire the simple life away from the fast-paced coffee-injected environment I currently exist in.

Hopefully I can visit more places like Mazatlan in the future. Southeast Asia is what I’d like to see next.

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