It’s all going ahead now…

Yesterday I booked my RTW flight tickets. My Mum said to me you should write this down somewhere and look back at it one day in the future when your child wants to go off and travel the world, and then you’ll realise how hard it is… I’m going to worry for her more than me on my gap year. But I know it’s all because she worries too. I’m so excited though, daunted too but from now on it’s one hell of a journey for me!
It’s definitely going ahead!

Everyone keeps saying… but you’re going on your own? Yes. Won’t you be lonely? Everyone gets lonely, even at home. What if you don’t meet people though? Well, I think with a huge amount of people also on their own, I don’t think we’re all going to be sat in the corner somewhere reading a book!
But yes, no denying I’m not scared about those things either, but also being realistic 🙂 It’s going to be a wicked 8 months! 😀


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