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Updated 12 years, 3 months ago

Hey hey

Ok - first entry, so an introduction might be a good idea! The first things you may(or may not!) want to know about meee are;[list]Name: Katie
Age: 22 birthdays have I had
Hair: Gran calls it "Titian", I just call it red
Height: Not tall, not petite, just somewhere in the middle
Build: Average-ish, though somewhat untoned thanks to hours of sitting in an office being fed chocolate cornflake cakes by a generous collegue!
Likes: Your usual roundup - Dancing, Day dreaming, Movies, Music, Reading, Travelling, Laughing, Chocolate
Dislikes: Exams, Queues, Stubbing my toes, Spaghetti hoops
Things I want to do before I die: Trek to everest base camp, Visit India, Learn a foreign language, Travel the world...
Why the heck am I going travelling? For one it's fun - plus see above! You're only young once.[/list:u]So... enough about me. Onto the plan of action, which is: Yoga in India, Travels in China, Trekking in Tibet, Beaches in Thailand, Drunken madness in Oz, Tramping in NZ, island paradise in Fiji and home again. And due to the unfortunate fact that all my friends are still at uni or settling into cushty jobs, I'm doing all this solo. Aaargh.

I'm leaving in April, which is a leedle while away - but at the rate my saving is going at the mo (i.e. badly) I'm going to be doing it on a reeaally tight budget.

In the run up to xmas I will be:[list]Saving up like a mad thing
Taking yoga classes so that I can at least touch my toes in time for my months of yoga with the masters in Kerala and Mysore.
Booking my flights (yaay)[/list:u]I haven't done a lot of travelling - so I'm kinda making it up as I go along. I'm doing a test run solo trip to Venice in a coupla weeks (, I thank you for the joy that is free flights). Here's hoping I can hack the oneness, if not a desperate travel-buddy search may ensue.

Well, so long for now,


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