London’s Underground has the ‘best looking travellers’

London’s Underground is a hot place to be, not just because there’s no air conditioning or circulation, but because it has the best looking travellers.

mxData, who carried out the survey, revealed that almost half (47%) of London’s commuters see someone who they find attractive at least once a week, with 16% seeing someone they find attractive at least once a day.

It seems that men are the keenest of the sexes with two thirds (65%) fancying someone at least once a week (surprise surprise – Ed).

Internet dating and speed dating have been becoming more and more popular for years now, but it seems as if there is an underground dating scene in ‘Underground dating’. The survey showed that the Underground is a fantastic place to meet someone, with as many as 10% of Londoners admitting to being asked out whilst on the Underground.

So, if you’re looking to catch the eye of a stranger and pick yourself up a date, then head to the Central Line. Of those that suggested a preference, 15% ranked the Central Line with the ‘hottest’ commuters.

David James, CEO of mxData, said: “The London Underground is a huge part of the lives of the capital’s commuters. Whether they love or loathe it, three million people use it every day so it’s no wonder that people are using the daily grind to let their eyes and minds wander.”