Man in car tries to summit Snowdon

A man has forgone the paths for petrol and driven up Mount Snowdon in Wales. He used his 4x4, took to the tracks, and drove up Snowdon because it was top of his “50 things to do before he dies” list.

For those of you who don’t know, driving up Snowdon has been banned since 1951, and he was duly arrested and charged with driving on common land.

Craig Williams, 39, from Gloucestershire, said it was not a publicity stunt.

"It was impulsive, spur of the moment. I went into it blindly.

"Out of a list of 50 things to do before you die, this was one of them. If you think that was on top of the list, the other 49 are now not going to be done,"

It is believed that Mr Williams drove his truck up the railway track, which offers the quickest route for tourists to top Snowdon, only to find conditions to arduous near the top to carry on.

Mr Williams said he hopes he’ll be allowed to drive his car back down the mountain from where it was left, just 365m from the summit.

Mr Williams continued: "There was no way after being buffeted left, right and centre that I had any intention of going any further until the wind died down.

"And then the service train went up and then it all went wrong then."

Unfortunately, against Mr Williams wishes, the vehicle was transported down by the Snowdon Mountain Railway.

In a statement the Snowdonia National Park said it supported the views expressed by the Llanberis mountain rescue team.

"This sort of incident is unacceptable and shows a lack of responsibility on behalf of the individual/individuals involved.”

Sam Roberts was warden on the mountain for nearly 40 years. He says there are very few things which have not travelled to the peak.

He said: "It's difficult to think of anything which hasn't been up there.

"There have been pianos, beds, stilts, a unicycle, people have gone on their hands and knees, backwards... although of course they were all there legally, because no motorised vehicles are allowed."