KGB tried to ‘recruit’ David Cameron on gap year

David Cameron, Prime Minister for the United Kingdom, had what could be described as an unusual gap year. Firstly, he went to Russia; secondly, he was nearly recruited as a spy for the KGB.

As we all know, it’s the worst things that happen to us on our gap year that make the best stories, and it seems that this is no different for our very own Prime Minister.

In a speech at Moscow State University, Mr Cameron said: "I first came to Russia as a student on my gap year between school and university in 1985.

"I took the Trans-Siberian Railway from Nakhodka to Moscow and went on to the Black Sea coast.

"There, two Russians, speaking perfect English, turned up on a beach mostly used by foreigners. They took me out to lunch and dinner and asked me about life in England and what I thought about politics.

"When I got back I told my tutor at university and he asked me whether it was an interview. If it was, it seems I didn't get the job!"

In a joint press conference later, Dmitri Medvedev, the President of Russia, joked: "I'm pretty sure that David would have been a very good KGB agent.

"But in this case he would never have become Prime Minister of the UK."

It seems like a missed opportunity for Mr Cameron but a good gap year story nonetheless. The question is, how do we know whether he failed the 'interview'? How do we know that David Cameron isn’t working as a spy for the KGB right now? Certainly food for thought…

If you think you’ve got a gap year story that can top this one then post it. We’d love to hear all about it…