Qantas flights returning to normal

Australian airline Qantas has resumed flying following a tribunal decision ordering an end to the dispute that grounded all flights on Saturday.

An estimated 70,000 travellers, many moving between Australia and the UK, were affected by the stoppage, which was part of a long-running row over plans for restructuring plans, expected to entail almost 1,000 job cuts.

Qantas have apologised for the inconvenience and stress caused by the stoppage. CEO, Alan Joyce, said: “We sincerely regret the impact on customers of industrial action over recent months and the effect on employees.

“We look forward to a rapid recovery and to a period of stability enabling us to focus on our customers and our strategy for the airline.”

Qantas say Australian domestic services should be back to normal by the end of Monday October 31 and international flights should be running as scheduled by the end of Tuesday November 1.

The airline’s international operation has been making annual losses estimated at AU$200m.

The Qantas dispute has affected a number of people on their gap year. Rollingcrock posted on the thread 'Goodbye for now folks', saying: "I am sad to report that I have came down with a case of the Qantas. I will be struck down with this disease for the foreseeable future…"

Are there any other gappers who have been affected by Qantas? Have you ever had a flight cancelled on your gap year? Post your comments below...

Photo of Qantas Jets taken by Stuart Sevastos (via Creative Commons)