Bed bugs beware

What do bed bugs, getting ill and hangovers all have in common? They’re up there with some of the worst things that can happen to you whilst travelling.

Bed bugs are small parasitic insects that feed on human blood, and as the name suggests, live in beds. They can be found in hostels around the world and it’s rare to go on a gap year without being bitten by bed bugs at one point or another.

Bed bugs usually bite at night and you don’t even notice them. Not only do you wake up covered in sore, itchy bites, but you have to wash all your clothes to make sure you kill all the bed bugs and prevent them from spreading. All in all, it’s a horrible experience.

However, all that’s about to change. A new bed bug killing product promises to be the first effective way of killing bed bugs whilst travelling.  

The company, Bed Bug Barrier, has been proven to be 100% effective in combating the outbreak and spread of bed bugs.

Tony Abrahams, managing director of Bed Bug Barrier, said: “We are now the only company in the world that can kill every bed bug that walks up a bed leg. But more importantly Bed Bug Killer lasts for years and years. There is no other bed bug product registered in Australia that can compare to Bed Bug Killer.

“It is the only product on the Australian market that doesn’t use poison or toxic chemicals and actually kills them by drawing the moisture out of the bugs and causing them to die of dehydration.”

A good use of the Bed Bug Killer would be to have a sachet of the power inside your backpack to prevent any bed bugs from getting inside. Whatever the use, we think the Bed Bug Killer can only be a good thing.

Have you ever been bitten by bed bugs on your gap year? Do you think you would be more inclined to stay in dorms that were 100% bed bug free?

Here's a little video of bed bugs. Beware...