Fantastic flash mob at Dubai International Airport

You’ve just checked in and passed airport security. Usually you browse in a few shops, grab a quick bite to eat, and whittle away the time until you board the plane. Maybe you read a few pages of your guide book; maybe you play a few rounds of cards with your friends. That’s the case in most airports, but not Dubai.

On October 26, puzzled passengers gathered around in the Duty Free section of Dubai International Airport as they were treated to a fantastic flash mob that lasted over four minutes.

The flash mob started when women dressed as flight attendants descended an escalator and burst in to dance. A number of different songs were used over the loudspeakers as more and more people got involved in the dance.

Victoria Shirran, who teaches at Diverse Choreography and was involved in the flash mob, told The National: “"The faces on everyone when we came out, it was absolutely priceless. Obviously a lot of them didn't know what was happening.

“A lot of them were not actually professional dancers at all. There were people who do promotions, some models. One of them was a civil engineer. It was all walks of life, and that's what made it better, because otherwise it looks too staged.”

While it may have seemed spontaneous, the performance involved four days of rehearsals, months of logistical preparations and corporate sponsorship, including getting 50 dancers past airport security.

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What do you think of flash mobs? Have you ever seen one or been involved in one? Do you think should do a viral video? Any ideas?

Oh, and of course, here’s the video: