Social networks inspire gap years

You’ve just come back from your gap year, you’ve taken loads of fantastic photos, and what do you do? You put them up on Facebook or another social network. Well, it’s been revealed that one in four of people book an exotic holiday after feeling envious of their friends’ photos and experiences.

The survey, conducted by Teletext Holidays, said that 27% of people book their own holiday soon after seeing evidence of their friends’ break.

It’s thought that looking at a friends’ Facebook profile and photos was a major factor in where Brits choose to spend their next holiday. Almost 20% said they had booked a completely identical holiday to a friend after hearing about their trip, right down to the same hotel or villa.

Also, 10% said they had booked a holiday after heading of a friend’s trip, even though they had no plans of going there before hand.

Mark Bloxham, spokesperson for Teletext Holidays, said to TNT Magazine: “It’s not surprising that holiday envy is on the rise. Social networking sites make it easier than ever to gloat about where you’ve been or where you are going.

“More people are updating their status from their sun lounger or posting photos of themselves at the airport, on the beach or next to a world-famous landmark, so it’s not surprising that anyone reading it wants some of the excitement for themselves.

“New technology means that the minute you’ve booked a holiday you can immediately share that information with friends - who can then go on to book exactly the same trip.”

A lot of people are encouraged to take gap years after hearing and seeing about other people’s trips and experiences. Blogs, message boards, photos and videos are all ways to inspire people to travel.

Here at we’re trying to create a social network specific for travelling and gap years, which is why you can upload blogs, photos and post on the message boards all under one site, so if you want to inspire people to travel then share you experiences...

Have you ever seen photos on social networks that have inspired you to travel? Has your choice of destination ever been influence by what you’ve seen?

The top ten destinations most likely to make us feel jealous are:

   1. Australia
   2. Bahamas
   3. Barbados
   4. United States of America
   5. Maldives
   6. New Zealand
   7. Mauritius
   8. Florida
   9. Seychelles
  10. Canada