The world’s fastest man

Adrenaline and extreme sports are popular gap year activities but one adrenaline junkie has taken it a step further by becoming the world’s fastest man.

Espen Fadnes may not be a bird or a plane but you could mistake him for Superman as he soars through a Norwegian gorge at 155mph.

The speed is that fastest anyone has flown with a wingsuit, a spin-off from base jumping.

Wingsuit flying uses special jumpsuits that feature increased surface area to provide increased lift and they were first developed in the 1990s.

His latest exploits have hit the web after he uploaded his headcam footage to YouTube with the title ‘Sense of Flying’.

“People who’ve seen me about to fly off a cliff say I look perfectly calm,” says Fadnes in the video, “it’s the complete opposite - I am terrified.”

Fadnes is a professional base jumper and last year he won the World BASE Race in Infijorden, Norway, a one on one wingsuit competition.

Has anyone ever been skydiving or base jumping on their gap year? What do you think of this video?

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And of course, here's the video: