Deceased couple go on gap year adventure

Canadian woman fulfils dead parents' travel wishes by appealing to social media

Many religious belief systems see death as a journey, but most would consider death as something of a hindrance when taking a round the world trip. Not so for one Canadian who has taken a uniquely pragmatic approach to the situation.

Fundraising for a gap year can be difficult, a fact one now deceased couple were all too familiar with. Alice and William Green had long dreamt of exploring Australia and of visiting their ancestral home of the UK.

In life William had spent his life working his way up to become a factory foreman whilst Alice cleaned houses to make the family some extra money, but having passed away without the finances to fulfil their globetrotting dreams, their 45-year-old daughter Deb Green, who lives in Vancouver has decided to try and make their round the world trip a reality.

“We were a very happy family, easygoing and for my entire life, I knew they were very devoted to me.”

“I was an only child and they did everything they could to give me a good life.”

Having lost her father William in 1994 and her mother Alice in July this year, Ms Green set up an advert on Craigslist, a popular ‘classifieds’ website set up in the mid-90s, entitled 'Helping Alice and William to travel.'

In the Craigslist advert Green appealed to potential travellers, saying: "Both of my parents are now dead and the one thing that they always wanted to do was to travel."

Green continued: "If you are travelling somewhere and are willing to take a little of my mom and dad and sprinkle them and take a picture, then please contact me.

"I'd love to see them travel the entire globe. That would be my ideal. But mostly it's where anyone finds beauty."

Several months on from originally posting the advert, Green has had several offers to help. Some of Alice and Williams ashes are now 'sprinkled' at the base of the Eiffel Tower and others have been scattered at a fountain in Las Vegas.

Green said that if they were still here today, her parents would "probably blush and be a little shy about it" but they would "love it."

Have you ever scattered left ashes anywhere interesting? Would you be happy to take a stranger's ashes round the world?

We at salute the Green family for showing death does not have to be a barrier to gap years and round the world travel.