Is this the world’s scariest tourist attraction?

If you’re scared of heights then look away now.

Preikestolen, also known as Pulpit Rock, certainly gets the palms sweating and it could well be the world’s scariest tourist attraction. Standing at 604 metres (1,982 feet) above Lysefjorden in Norway, it attracts tourist from all over the world, and there’s not a safety rope in sight! Tourists stand on the rock and peer over the edge, some even jumping from one crevice to another.

Preikestolen is well set up for tourists and there’s a hiking path that can be accessed, taking 1-3 hours to hike, so if you're in Norway on a gap year then you should check it out.


During the four summer months of 2009, approximately 130,000 people took the 3.8 km hike to Preikestolen, making it one of the most visited natural tourist attractions in Norway.

Surprisingly, despite the lack of safety railings, there have been no accidents to date.

So what do you think gappers? Would you dangle your legs over Pulpit Rock? Have you?

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Oh, and if you really want to see what it’s like then watch this YouTube video: