Love is in the air

Love is literally in the air with the launch of a new website

After meeting his own girlfriend on a flight, Will Scully Power decided to create the website to let others lost in love find the person they were sitting next to.

The website states: “Have you ever met that special someone on a plane but for whatever reason you didn't end up exchanging your contact details with each other and later regretted it? Then is your opportunity to search, find and connect with that special someone!”

Travellers can search using flight number, date of trip, origin or destination and post their own messages about people they have met.

They can also share their stories about that special person on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter in the hope of getting a response.

Mr Scully-Power, 31, found that 4,400 people search for ‘met on a plane’ on Google each month. He said: “This was enough data to for me to realise that I am not alone and there was no way until now for anyone to connect with someone they met on a plane without knowing their name.”

We recently published a similar story about passengers finding ‘seat-mates’ on Facebook with passengers being able to pick who they sit next to on flights.

Have you ever fallen for someone on a plane? Do you like the idea of social media getting more involved in travel?