Pensioner finds paradise in English Channel

Forget flying to far flung places like Australia and Thailand on your gap year; all you need is the English Channel!

A British pensioner claims he has found his own piece of paradise in the English Channel where the water is heated to 20oC all-year-round, making it as hot as places in the Caribbean or South East Asia.

John Kapp, 76, takes a dip every day, and says hot water from the Shoreham power station on the Sussex coast keeps the water warm.

Apparently, the small section of water in the English Channel is kept warm as a result of water coming from the outflow of the power station, where seven tonnes of sea water are pumped per second through condensers.

John told The Daily Mail: "Even in the summer I never usually spend more than around 15 minutes in the water but I can now stay in the water for up to three quarters of an hour.

"The sea is normally never more than about 17oC, even in the summer, but my lido water is about 20oC.

"The warm water only extends about a foot beneath the surface but if you float you can stay in it.

"Locals know about it. Fishermen say it’s where you can get the best catch because the fish grow better there."

Despite enjoying his daily swim John would like to see the hot water put to better use. He is a member of the Hove Civic Society, which is campaigning for the heat to be recovered from the water and used in nearby homes and businesses.

However, if the English Channel isn’t your cup of tea then you’d better read about Australia and Thailand. Their beaches are better after all…