BUNAC launches amazing scholarship

There are so many options to choose from on your gap year, whether that’s travelling, volunteering, or working abroad. Whatever you decide to do, it costs money. That’s a fact. Well, if you’re looking to work abroad then things just got a little easier.

The Howard Crew Scholarship is the chance to win up to £1,000 towards the cost of a BUNAC working holiday programme in North America. The scholarships are open for young British and Irish travellers and are available for 2012.

Introduced in honour of Howard Crew, General Secretary of BUNAC for 25 years, the Scholarships require candidates to submit an original and humorous piece of writing about a travel-related topic to scholarships@bunac.org.uk before the closing date of 5th March 2012. 

Anyone who is intending to book a place on a 2012 BUNAC programme, or who has already booked and paid for their place, can take part and will be reimbursed up to £1,000 towards their costs if they are one of the lucky winners.

A couple of the most popular programmes for gappers are the Work America programme, which is perfect for British and Irish university students as it gives them the chance to secure paid employment for up to four months anywhere in the USA, with a full support package from BUNAC including visa applications, group flights and an exclusive jobs database. Another popular programme is the Work Canada programme, which is perfect for gappers looking to spend a year away from home as it involves spending up to a year working and travelling in Canada.

Entries to the Howard Crew Scholarship may be anything up to 1500 words in length and prizes are awarded according to the originality and content of the writing, with judges looking in particular for imagination and humour.

Applicants should e-mail their entry in a Word document attachment to scholarships@bunac.org.uk with their name and the 2012 programme name that they have either applied to or are intending to apply to (i.e - Work America, Work Canada, etc).

The best pieces of writing are shortlisted and then voted on by a panel of judges. Winners will be notified before the end of March 2012 and the value of the prize cannot be taken in cash or credited to any other use.

Oh, and of course, good luck!

If you’re looking to work abroad then go to our jobs section for more advice and information. Also, read our extensive guide to getting a job after travelling. You never know, it might just help...