Want work? Head Down Under

Working abroad is becoming more and more popular on a gap year, whether that's teaching English as a foreign language or working for a ski season.

Australia has always been one of the more popular destinations for working abroad due to the ease of obtaining a Working Holiday Visa and the good pay.

Fruit picking is one job lots of backpackers and travellers working in Australia have a go at. No skills are needed, it gets you outdoors and you're often working with a bunch of like-minded people.

But now there's a growing demand for more skilled jobs. Driven by the mining boom in Western Australia, there's a growing shortage of skilled information and communication technology (ICT) workers.

Jim Ellis, vice president of the Australian Computer Society, said the ICT shortage was forcing employers to bring in skilled ICT staff on a Working Holiday Visa to bridge the gaps.

"Previously, the mining oil and gas industries didn't invest much in ICT," said Ellis. "Now the ICT infrastructure in mining, oil and gas companies is absolutely critical to the way they operate. They simply cannot operate without it.
"It's a situation where there are more vacancies for ICT staff in the resources sector than there are for engineers."

For UK graduates with ICT skills struggling to find work in their home country, Australia now offers the chance to earn cash, get experience and go travelling.

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