Magazine relaunches

Friday 2nd March is a significant day throughout history. It is the day that Morocco gained independence from France. It is the day that greats such as Jon Bon Jovi and Daniel Craig were born. But forget these events, it will now be known in history as the day that relaunched its magazine.

An extension of the site, the magazine showcases some of the great writers and photographers that we have. Also, it is packed full of useful advice and information on backpacking and travelling, making your life that much easier on the road.

We used to run a series of magazines back in 2000 and 2001. After an 11 year absence, we felt it was about time that we produced another one.

The magazine is aimed at anyone who wants to go on a gap year or a short gap, and hopefully it will inspire you to travel.

The first issue is jammed packed with inspiring articles such as working as a game ranger in South Africa, skydiving in New Zealand, and backpacking in Peru. We've also featured a load of ‘how to' articles, such as planning your trip, the art of travel photography, and beauty tips while travelling. And finally, just because we can, we've also got an interview with Brit winner Ed Sheeran; as you'd expect, he's a really nice guy.

In the coming weeks it will be making its way around the country (and even around the world) to school, colleges and universities. We're also putting the magazine in a number of Flight Centre stores, so make sure you pop in to pick one up!

We're looking to produce three magazines a year, so if you're interested in getting involved in the next issue then send us an e-mail to magazine

Cormac Scanlan, art director and designer, said: "I believe we have created a great magazine that strikes the right balance of being both inspiring and informative. The mag contains some fantastic features which have been written by backpackers for backpackers. The look and feel of the new magazine is to a very high standard; glossy, youthful, packed with great images and content and featuring illustrations from highly talented illustrator Lucy Selina Hall.

"Since its inception in 1997, the website has been a home for travellers to come together and share their knowledge and experiences; this is something which has been effectively carried over to the magazine. We have included articles and advice from some of the sites most experienced travellers, which we hope will inspire others. These are exciting times for!"

Gemma Knight, who is currently teaching English in China, said: "I love how the piece eventually turned out and I'm really thrilled with how my contributions were used."  

Clare Maher, long-standing member, said: "The magazine is looking great; I can't wait to see it all together!

"I just wish there was something like this in my college careers office so I wasn't told to think about uni and not travelling."

If you're a member in the UK, we can send you a free magazine (just because we like you), worth £3.95. Send us a C4 envelope, stamped with 92p, including your name and username and self-addressed to: Magazine
Level 6
CI Tower
St George's Square
New Malden

Want a magazine but you're not a member? Then sign up! It's as easy as that!

Oh, and we'll be at the TNT Travel Show tomorrow with a bunch of mags, so pop down and get your copy.

Happy reading. Here's what you can expect to see... magazine magazine magazine