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Travellers and backpackers interested in taking a gap year were treated to a special seminar on Saturday at the record-breaking TNT Travel Show at Earl’s Court.

The seminar, titled ‘How To Plan Your Big Adventure’, was presented by’s community manager Andrew Tipp. The content included exciting ideas for backpacking trips and volunteering placements, plus top tips for choosing the right kit, managing your money abroad and buying round the world tickets.

The ‘Big Adventure’ seminar also included an introduction to ‘short gap years’ - the idea that travellers can experience the flavour of an independent backpacking trip during a typical holiday window.

Andrew said: "The TNT audience is perfect for taking a short gap year. Most of them are working full-time and are looking for the chance to experience a short-term adventure or volunteering placement.

"This is what short gap years are all about: a compact gap year experience."

Travel seminars took place throughout the day at the TNT Show; other speakers included BBC adventurer and TV presenter Simon Reeve, the Lonely Planet’s Laura Lindsay, The Adventurists founder Tom Morgan and leading travel blogger Dylan Lowe.

The TNT Travel Show, which pulled in a crowd of approximately 15,000 London-based travellers, was organised by TNT Magazine. It’s the capital’s biggest free travel show and attracts a large Australian expat crowd. This year saw the show return bigger and better, with event organisers announcing they had broken attendance records.

TNT Show 2012

Kevin Ellis, CEO of TNT, said: "It was great to see so many people attend the show and even more satisfying to see that the audience has grown in size but also diversified too, with many Brits attending the show now as well.

"When there is so much doom and gloom around it is nice to see some good and happy news for a change," he added.

The annual event offers travellers the opportunity to speak to more than 100 exhibitors, including adventure companies, tour organisers and volunteering organisations. It’s a chance for experience-seekers to book heavily discounted holidays for the coming year and enjoy the atmosphere of the show. This year’s extravaganza included band performances, a climbing wall, travel catwalks as well as a ‘budgie smuggling’ contest. declined taking part in the swimwear competition, and instead concentrated on promoting the recently relaunched Magazine; hundreds of copies were given away to enthusiastic Travel Show attendees on the day, and tens of thousands more will soon be released to schools, colleges and universities across the UK.

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