Students sell their faces to fund gap year

Have you ever thought of selling your face to pay off university debt? Well, two Cambridge graduates have done exactly that, raising over £30,000 in the process.

Ed Moyse and Ross Harper, both 22, have become walking billboards by selling advertising space on their face. It's not quite Facebook, but it is an internet success.

Companies 'buy their face' for the day and they paint on company slogans or logos.

The pair have been running the site for 157 days out of a planned 366 and so far they have raised a total of £31,632.

Originally one advertising day cost £1, but by now the boys are in such demand prices have gone up to £400 and rising.

So far the face-painting duo have have caught the attention of advertisers such as Paddy Power and Ernst and Young. No doubt other big names will follow too! Also, there have been calls from around the world to join the team.

Ed and Ross are calling their project an 'entrepreneurial gap year' with their clients sending them skydiving, skiing and on evenings to the opera. It looks like travelling may even be on the cards.

According to Thisismoney, Ross said: "It's our unconventional way of paying off our student debt.

"The graduate job market is incredibly hostile, and so we thought we'd try and bypass it altogether.

"We've seen so many students unsuccessfully applying for jobs, only to eventually settle in a career that they never really wanted. It's just something a bit different and has taken off quite nicely."

What do you think gappers? Have you got an whacky or fun fundraising ideas, either to pay off debts or to go travelling? If so, let us know!

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