Travelling at 80

Gap years are always seen as a young man's game, but that's not always the case.

New research from charity Age UK has shown that older people are travelling the world well into their 80s.

According to Age UK Enterprises, in 2011 almost a third of all Age UK travel insurance policies were bought by customers aged 80 and over.

In the last three years, they've seen 20% of sales go towards an annual trip cover as opposed to a single trip cover, suggesting that customers are enjoying travelling more than once a year.

Europe is the preferred destination of people over 80, with more than half purchasing cover for a European trip. However, one in ten bought a worldwide policy.

January is the least popular time to travel, followed by February and December. But travel insurance claims peak in spring and summer, indicating that this is when older travels are most likely to make their travelling trips.

Gordon Morris, managing director of Age UK Enterprises, said: "We believe it's wrong that so many travel insurance providers impose a maximum age limit which excludes older people purely because of their age.

"People should be able to fulfil their travel aspirations - no matter how old they are. This is why it's so important they can access products like Age UK travel insurance, that have no upper age limit and provide appropriate cover for their needs."

Do you think you'll still be backpacking and travelling at 80? Who's the oldest person you've met on the road?

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