Jobs in Australia made more accessible by government

There's been a lot of buzz on the boards recently about jobs in Australia with a number of you choosing to work in Australia as opposed to travelling Australia. Well, there's good news.

The Australian Government is moving to make it easier for skilled migrants to become permanent residents in Australia.

The Australian Government says about half of the people who take up temporary 457 visas to obtain a job in Australia end up staying and applying for permanent residency. The process of applying for a permanent visa is to be streamlined.

A 457 visa is a programme used by Australian and overseas employers to sponsor skilled overseas workers to get a job in Australia.

Chris Bowen, immigration minister for Australia, says the language tests will no longer be required from July 2012.

"These reforms will make it easier for businesses and potential migrants to navigate the permanent employer-sponsored visa program, while ensuring the integrity of our visa system," Mr Bowen said.

"Skilled migrants deliver major benefits to the Australian economy in terms of contributing to economic growth and offsetting the impacts of an ageing population."

Mr Bowen went on to say "We know these workers can do the job and are ready to make a commitment to Australia, so it makes sense to streamline their pathway to permanent residence."

The current system means temporary visa holders who have already completed English tests and have undergone rigorous skills assessments have to repeat the process if they want to apply for permanent residency, but this is to change. So, if you're currently working in Australia on your gap year, you'll find it easier to apply for permanent residency from July onwards.

Who's currently living and working in Australia? Where abouts are you and what job in Australia are you doing? Who's looking to travel to Australia to find a job?

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