Bognor booms because of Bond

Bognor Regis might not excite you, but to some, it's paradise. And James Bond is one who thinks this.

The British seaside resort has seen a rapid rise in visitor numbers following the decision to film scenes from the new James Bond movie there.

The website reported a 40% increase in hotel bookings in the West Sussex town since January when news of the filming was leaked.

A spokesperson for the website said: "Bognor Regis is a real British seaside gem, but not the first place you would expect to be a Hollywood filming location."

The 23rd instalment of the James Bond series, called Skyfall, is expected to be one of the hits of the year when it's released in November.

It's thought that Bognor Regis was chosen as a site for filming after MGM Studios, the film studio that will release the next Bond film, was forced to slash the movie's budget after financial difficulty.

Particular highlights of Bognor Regis are the beautiful beaches of pebbles and the splendour of SPAR.

Other exotic locations utilised by Bond include Brazil, Cuba, Jamaica and Thailand, though those places are more associated with cocktails as opposed to cockles.

Keep your eyes peeled - you might spot Daniel Craig working the slot machines as if it was a casino in Monte Carlo, or maybe, if you're lucky, you might get to see him in action fighting villains in House of the Dead III.

Would you go to Bognor Regis on your gap year? How about Skegness?

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Photo of Bognor Regis taken by Martin Pettitt(via Creative Commons)