Naked tours of art museum in Sydney

Backpacking and travelling is all about new experiences. Well, how about getting butt-naked in an art museum in Australia? Yep, but no cheeky business.

The Museum of Contemporary Art in Sydney is stripping away all the barriers between the artist and the audience by allowing visitors to walk around in their birthday suits. The museum will be offering naked tours next month as part of an exhibition designed for exhibitionists.

Melbourne artist Stuart Ringholt will lead the tour of his new exhibition. However, if you wish to join there's one thing you must bare in mind - you have to be naked.

Stuart hopes that people will get an entirely different view on art by viewing it entirely in the nude, though it could be hard to distinguish what constitutes as 'art'.

According to their site, Stuart's work deals with themes of fear and embarrassment - and now so does the tour, which is billed as: "Preceded by a tour of the show by artist Stuart Ringholt 6-8pm (the artist will be naked. Those who wish to join the tour must also be naked. Adults only)."

"Sydney loves nude people, if the nude beaches are anything to go by," curator Rachel Kent said.

The tour will run from April 27-29.  

It does pose the question of where you put your ticket stub though.

Would you go to a nude exhibition or a nudist beach on your gap year? If you have already, where's your favourite nudist beach?

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