Winter version of 'world's best job'

Aussie brewer offers cash, accommodation and free beer to be a 'snow ambassador'

When Tourism Queensland launched its search for a caretaker of Hamilton Island in the Great Barrier Reef back in 2009, the application process for the 'world's best job' went viral.

Now, Australian brewer Carlton Dry has begun the process of recruiting for the winter version of the best job in the world.

The Aussie beer-maker is looking for two Australians to serve as 'Snow Ambassadors' in Falls Creek, Victoria.

The roles are advertised as the 'ultimate winter experience', and appear to require hosting small groups of snow-goers, giving snowboard instruction and essentially being a professionally fun person.

Successful applicants will be paid AU$200 per day, and as part of the job package they will receive: free accommodation for the 11-week job duration; a season lift pass (valued at AU$1,200); hire of a snowboard; lunch and dinner on work days; branded clothes; free beer.

Andrew Meldrum, general manager of marketing for Carlton Dry, said: "We're giving two Aussies the chance to live the dream this winter; getting paid for carving up the slopes and showing snow-goers the ultimate experience at Falls Creek.

"The combination of cash, free beer and a roof over their heads is a pretty enticing offer. It's not every day you can find a way to get paid to live the ultimate winter experience."

To be considered for the world's best (winter) job, you must have previous snowboard instructing experience, strong communication skills and excellent time management skills.

The promotion of the winter version of the world's best job coincides with Carlton Dry's marketing launch for their 2012 boarding season.

More than 34,000 applicants from 200 countries put themselves forward for the summer 'world's best job' on Hamilton Island, and Carlton Dry are clearly hoping lightning will strike twice.

To apply for the snow ambassador job you must have the right to live and work at the relevant location. Eligible candidates can apply through

The deadline for applications is Monday 23 April 2012.

Is this the world's best winter job? Can you think of a better one? What's the best job you've done on your gap year?

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