Student bags South East Asia prize

A backpacker studying at the University of Sussex has won our recent South East Asia competition.

Jennifer Whittingham, 20, has won an 18-day tour of Thailand, Laos and Cambodia with Stray Asia for her and a lucky friend.

The competition winner said: "This feels great. I'm looking forward to getting out of the touristy hot spots and experiencing some of the countries' true culture."

Jennifer will be getting off the beaten track and experiencing some stunning scenery, remote villages, rich history and culture, friendly locals, amazing wildlife and local cuisine.

She added: "I am really passionate about Asian culture; they constitute such a massive percentage of the world's population and to be oblivious to their customs and way of life sounds ridiculous to me.

"It's a culture so far removed from ours and this is the aspect that I will relish most in during my time there; being faced with new differences every day ... I can't wait."

Jennifer has travelled a little in the past. She has interrailed through Europe during a summer, and has visited family in the Grenadines, Morocco and Switzerland.

After her South Asian Adventure, Jennifer feels that South and Central America are her next destinations.

"I'm trying to learn Spanish so that at some point in the future I can go there and get my way and find my way around," she said.

South East Asia remains one of the most popular backpacker trails in the world, with an incredible array of culture and excitement to experience on an affordable gap year budget.

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