Travel dating site 'not for prostitutes'

MissTravel network lets beautiful people travel for free

Most backpackers and gap year travellers try and get around on a budget. No matter how tight money gets, most gappers expect to pay their way. 

However, it appears that could be a thing of the past. If you're attractive, that is. 

A new travel experience has been created which offers beautiful people the chance to travel the world for nothing at the expense of non-beautiful people. 

The site,, allows visitors to sign up as either an 'Attractive Traveller' or a 'Generous Traveller'. Attractive Travellers are able to use the site for free, whereas Generous Travellers need to pay to contact attractive members.

Once they've created a membership account, users can interact with each other with the aim of travelling together, or simply meeting up. 

Attractive Travellers can select on their profile that they're interested in a range of experiences, including dating, casual dating, 'mutually beneficial arrangements' and 'discreet affairs'. 

One user who signed up as a Generous Traveller, said: “I’ve got a bit of spare cash and I’m not getting any younger, so I was hopeful I could meet some brilliant girls to travel with too.”

The user, who wishes to remain anonymous, revealed: "Signing up was more of a hassle than I expected. The site kept crashing, profile pictures don’t appear straight away and I was amazed at just how much information was required to join as a ‘generous member.’"

'Generous Travellers' can pay to meet 'Attractive Travellers'

"I guess it’s not a bad thing in a way. You probably wouldn’t want your daughter sharing a hotel room with a stranger without finding out a bit about them first."

He added: “There are some really pretty girls on there. They don’t look shy either. Some are available for ‘discreet affairs.’ I’m divorced and single, but I can see how someone in a long loveless marriage might need that.

"I try not to judge.”

The ethos of MissTravel has been criticised in recent blogs and think pieces. The notion of people paying attractive website users to travel with them or visit them - possibly for a 'discreet affair' - has raised questions over the ethics of the site. 

MissTravel has defended itself against allegations that it is merely facilitating prostitution, and references its stance that escorts are not welcome to use the site.  

The site was founded by online dating entrepreneur Brandon Wade, who has also created similar platforms such as and does not usually dedicate time and space on our own website for the purposes of publicising other travel social networks. However, we don't think this is the direction we're going to be heading in any time soon. 

What do you think of MissTravel? If you used it would you be an Attractive Traveller or Generous Traveller? Should roll out some kind of gap year travel dating competition?