Have you been where the Queen's been?

Interactive map plotting the Queen's travels is a hit with backpackers

Some people would argue the Queen has never been on a gap year; others say she's never finished it. But whatever people say, it's beyond debate that she has visited a lot of places. 

The Queen, who celebrates her Diamond Jubilee next month, has travelled to 116 countries. Now visitors to the BBC can use a fun interactive map - titled 'Have you been where the Queen's been?' - to count how many of the Queen's total they have been to. 

Choosing either to navigate the online map or select from a list, travellers can highlight the destinations they've been to and view when and where the Queen visited. 

Interactive maps are nothing new, but the topical nature of this one has been popular with news junkies and travel fans. The feature has produced a viral meme, with map users sharing their results to Facebook and Twitter, using the hashtag #wherethequeensbeen

Using a completely unscientific method - basically looking at the map - it appears that the continent most visited by the Queen is clearly Europe. Discounting Antarctica, the continent most neglected by the monarch is South America, with only half a dozen official state visits. 

Even at home things don't get dull for Liz

Her Majesty has made a relatively high number of trips to the Caribbean, and who can blame her? The most remote place she has visited is probably the Cook Islands

Unless one of England's previous kings or queens took a lengthy and far-reaching gap year we don't know about, Elizabeth II is most likely the best-travelled monarch in history. 

The British royal family have been known to take traditional gap years. In 2000 and 2001 the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge (Wills and Kate) both spent 10 weeks on the same voluntary project in Chile.

In 2004 Prince Harry spent eight weeks in Lesotho as part of his gap year. The Prince has since founded a charity funding specific projects in the small African nation. 

Have you been where the Queen's been? How many countries have you travelled to in total? Will you be celebrating the Queen's Jubilee, or do you think the monarchy should be abolished? 

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