Megabus launches £1 Europe tickets

If you think taking a gap year costs the Earth clearly you haven't heard about travelling on the Megabus. 

The budget travel service Megabus has introduced tickets from London to mainland Europe for as little as £1. 

This means that a summer short gap in Europe could be affordable for thousands of students on a break from university or finishing college.

Students with an NUS card get an additional 10% discount on Megabus tickets. Shrewd maths fans will already have calculated that takes the price of getting to Europe potentially down to just 90p (plus a 50p booking fee). 

The Megabus offers cross-channel customers a link between London and Amsterdam, Boulogne, Brussels and Paris, and operates a fleet of new coaches equipped with free Wi-Fi and toilets.

The new promotion is an incredible deal and could really shake up summer travel for UK backpackers and travellers. The low ticket prices include the cost of ferry crossings over the English Channel. 

But it's not all good news. For a start, the journey from London to Paris takes approximately nine hours. Also, many of the £1 tickets have sold out for the next few weeks.  

A spokeswoman for Megabus told The Guardian: "We won't be giving a detailed breakdown of seat costs, but there are £1 seats available on every service.

"As tickets have been on sale for the past month, many of the cheapest fares have already been snapped up."

They added: "We have already sold out more than 80 trips, but there are still plenty of good value seats on sale."

Get yourself to Paris for just £1

When the next cheapest Megabus ticket is only a few pounds more than the promoted £1, it's still the cheapest way to get to Europe. In comparison, the Megabus's main competitor Eurolines - owned by National Express - recently offered promotional fares for around £10. 

The Megabus has always been a really popular method of transport for young travellers on a budget; it's almost a rite of passage.

Having said that, not everyone is a fan. Olli Schofield, an 18-year-old student at Northumbria University, responded to the new promotion by tweeting: "I refuse to get a Megabus anymore cause they stink and I always get sat next to a freak", which is fair enough. 

Megabus was created by Stagecoach in 2003 and operates 19 UK coach routes serving 41 destinations in England, Scotland and Wales. 

Will you be trying to get your hands on a cheap European Megabus ticket? Have you used the Megabus before? And are Megabuses really stinky?

If you're heading to Europe on a short gap then check out our InterRailing section for more advice and information.

Photo of Megabus taken by Oxyman (via Creative Commons)